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Course Hero Internship

No description

Llanee Anderson

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Course Hero Internship

To help students learn and succeed by delivering supplemental resources for their
Our Mission
The Knowledge Drive
The Knowledge Drive was created in 2010 when Course Hero partnered with Books for Africa. We are focused on the 1 Million Books for Gambia Project, and have already donated 150,000 books!
The Internship
Our Story
Course Hero was founded in 2006 by a student (CEO Andrew Grauer) who missed class and realized there had to be a better way to keep up with materials after falling behind.
Course Hero's Internship and Professional Development Program
The Course Hero Internship focuses on building great leaders to help support and ultimately improve the global education landscape. Interns directly support the Knowledge Drive Initiative though working to create a better study resource for their peers.
With help that student was able to create an academic platform where students and experts could share and access the great academic content they needed to succeed, at any time, and from anywhere.
Books are the foundation of a strong education system. Giving books provides for the opportunity to attain a better quality of life.
Students who intern with Course Hero gain valuable skills that are applicable to their lives after graduation. Skills learned include: management, entrepreneurship, communication, and networking.

Ready to apply?


For every 10 academic documents a student uploads we donate 1 book to a student in Africa.
How it Works:
What's the benefit?
Why Books?
Students receive one-on-one mentoring with
their manager. Mentoring includes personalized
critiques and development plans aimed at increasing students' professional skill sets.

Students also receive professional references, letters of recommendation and LinkedIn endorsements once they complete the program!
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