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What makes me Ashley Bedwell......

No description

Ashley Bedwell

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of What makes me Ashley Bedwell......

What makes me Ashley Bedwell......
Family has always been a big part of my life. My family is very close knit. My brother and sister are twins and will be graduating high school this year.
Being a Christian is a big part of my life. My church back home is called 12 Stones Fellowship and my pastor owns an orphanage over in Africa. The movie: Machine Gun Preacher is about Sam Childers and what my pastor, Dito does in Africa for the children.
Epsilon Sigma Alpha (E∑A)
I became an active member last semester on November 10th. It's a great organization. We are the only Service Sorority on campus and it's a great fit for me because community service is another funds of knowledge for me. I love giving back to the community and never ask for anything in return.
Community Service
A very big category for my life. i have always rooted my life on giving back because I'm blessed enough to be able to give.
Places I've volunteered:
-Disabled American Veterans home (downtown Indy)
-Drumstick Dash (Broad Ripple) volunteer every Thanksgiving morning
-Haunted Forest (Muncie) this past Halloween
-Animal Rescue Fund (Muncie) every month with SURF (2 years ago)
-Julian Center (Indy)
Raised money for:
-Riley through Dance Marathon (Ball State) **personal connection to Riley

and sooooooo much more.... I was in NHS/StuCo in high school.

If you haven't seen the movie, rent from Redbox ASAP. It's very eye-opening.
Bailey Ann
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