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No description

Ruth Mansfield

on 3 October 2018

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Transcript of Bromcom

To increase the number of Local Authorities and School Support Providers partnering with and promoting Bromcom as the MIS of choice across the country.
Target Organisations
London Boroughs
North West Regions (Cumbria & around Manchester areas)
Scomis - South West, moving into National market
Osmis - North West
Lemis - Leicestershire & East Midlands
3BM - London
Engaging with the commercial lead (talking to the right person) - understanding their priorities and frustrations
Building a partnership package/ re-seller model -supporting organisations to be commercially viable
Joint development of a commercial model that works for them
Demonstrating the value for the organisation that can be passed to the schools (Understanding their challenges)
"Vision without action is merely a dream,
Action without vision just passes the time,
Vision with action can change the world."
Starting the conversation/ introducing the product portfolio (focus on benefits for LA's on data consolidation for maintained schools)
Building a commercial model/ partnership model
Targeting specific schools for reference/ champion sites within the region - encouraging LA's and support units to retain business
Time Lines

Making contact and building relationships with key commercial leads
Introducing the product portfolio
Engaging with key secondary schools within the region to transition champion sites
Develop an engagement and partnership strategy for LA's and Support Units
KPI at year 1
3 new Local Authorities offering Bromcom MIS as an option to their customers and adding support and services to their portfolio
3 new support providers offering Bromcom MIS as an option and adding support and services to their portfolio

KPI at year 2
3 new Local Authorities transitioned over to be Bromcom authorities
3 further Lacal Authorities or Support Units offering Bromcom as an option to their customers and adding support and services to their portfolio
2 support providers becoming re-sellers of Bromcom MIS and offering support and services
"The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every challenge."
Having an impact on the Local Authority & Support Unit market
- Winston Churchill
- Joel A Barker
Launch a commercial model that works for LA's and Support Units for offering Bromcom as a choice for their customers (including a re-seller model)
Develop a re-seller model for commercial organisations
Deliver up-skilling sessions to new regions to build their portfolio of services
Establish a champion site in each region and highlight the success of the product in schools (take them with us)
Look at credible partners in the market to add to the portfolio of products on offer (one stop shop)
6 months in role
3 months in role
12 months in role
Launch reseller model and secure partners
Promote the success of the partnership model with 'bought in' LA's and support units and capitalise on this
Review, refocus and go again
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