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Kohl's Internship Final Project

No description

Porcsha Presley

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Kohl's Internship Final Project

My Growth Within Kohl's Summer Internship Program..
Multi Channel Sales and Services Intern
Porcsha Presley

Kohl’s Customer Service and Operations Center
Internship Program
Summer 2013

Who’s Porcsha?
Experience Overlook
Week by Week
Leadership Take-aways
Observations and Opportunities
Internship Wrap- Up

Summary of Presentation

Where did she come from?
Where is she going?
What does she do?
Why Kohl’s?
Goals Planned to Accomplish?

Who’s Porcsha?

Week 1
The Blast Off
Week 2
Week 3
Getting my Feet Wet
Week 4
Owning My
Week 5
The Land of the Cheese
Week 6
Discovering My Strengths
Week 7
Stretch, Shake
Week 8
Ready, Set, COACH
Week 9
What is Kohl’s?

Take Care of People

What will I take away?
Tracy Akinade
Always remember why you're here. Associates come FIRST.

George Brumfield
A dependable guide with few words

Michelle Calvillo
“Oh, I’m going to push you.”

Iris Banuelos-Estevez
Never let ‘em see you sweat!

Kelly Stiger
The Wiz, The Resource

Chris Obinzu
“…Steal the show!”

Explored with the Coords.

Tips to Successful Leadership...

Observations and Opportunities
Troy Carrothers (SVP- Credit)
Emulate those that you look up to…

Katie Fitting (Director- MSS)
Dedication and Commitment outweigh experience

Joe Saculles (VP of MSS)
Learn from your Mistakes. Provide a fresh perspective. Offer Recommendations.

Christian Jenson (Director-Card Services)
2 Halves to a Leader- EQ and IQ. People follow YOU not your BRAIN.

Brian Zempel (VP of RPS)
“We are in the business of Human Relations. Don’t be perfect, be Human.”

Cecil Perkins (Sr. HR Manager)
Master then Move

Rosalind Gholar (Manager MSS)
Wear Tough Skin

Jennifer Baumgart (Manager MSS)
Have Fun and Love what you do

Santiago Gonzales (Intern Asst. Manager)
Development Never Stops
The Water that Feeds My Tree
Work Ethic
Invest- Yourself/Others
Michelle Calvillo
Putting It All
Into Play
Kohl's Culture
Meet Mentors & Support
Campus to Career
Meet the Team
Shadow Depts./Side by Sides
Coord. Admin Responsibilities
Coord. Meetings (Support EARN)
Strengths & Weaknesses
Growth Opportunities
Utilize Partnerships
Assisted- Coachings/Huddles
Team POC
Trainings- ATG/Overcoming Objections
Difficult Conversations
Corrective Action
Different Perspectives
Best Practices
Becoming the Coord.
Taking Lead
Built Trust/Confidence
People Driven vs. Profit Driven
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