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Bieber Hate :/

this all needs to stop. listen to urself! u are so judgemental.

Lindsey Bieber

on 17 July 2010

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Transcript of Bieber Hate :/

This Bieber hate needs to STOP! YOU need to stop listen to yourself everyone is so quick to judge. you don't even know him! he obviously has talent, because Usher picked him up! and he is known around the world! and about his voice he already know's it is high. some guys don't hit puberty right away guys arn't like girls, the grow until they are 21 you all just need to stop the hate it is really getting old. and with the gay thing that you were a gay/lesbian? NO! so STOP. i understand we all have our own opinions. but if it isn't nice, don't say it at all. so yeah. bye. would you like it if someone said
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