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John Foxworth

No description

Dane Swanson

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of John Foxworth

John Foxworth
The Campaign Strategy
Battle Ground States
The number of people unemployed in Ohio peaked in July 2009 at 627,492.
Although since then, the amount of people unemployed has decreased, we need to continue providing opportunities for work.
With the government investing in construction, renovation, projects, and other public works, unemployment will continue to decrease along with boosting the economy.
Because more people will have jobs, they will be spending more which will help the economy.
Today, you are required to have health insurance because it will help with specific needs.
By using young people as a catalyst which later benefit from healthcare, we are providing quality insurance for the sick and elderly people.
With our proposal to further healthcare, more lives will be saved.
The Platform
Mr. Foxworth's Background
Most of Iowa's population is open to immigration.
Our proposal will cause even more people to be on board with immigration due to the benefits it will bring to the U.S.
We plan to make citizenship more easily obtained.
This will cause more entrepeneurs to migrate to the U.S. and gain citizenship, therefore paying taxes.
These taxes will then provide funding for other necessities that states find they may need and contribute to boosting our economy.
Candidate believes in Keynesian economics. Government will use deficit spending to stimulate economy and create jobs.
More jobs= More buyers in the economy=More profits for companies=More tax revenues without tax raises
The economy will then be ready for the next step of legislation, increasing the minimum wage.
Our candidates administration will also go after companies outsourcing jobs and hiring illegal immigrants.This will be done though heavy tax codes.

America needs an a resurgence of fresh ideas, that's why our candidate believes in giving out more work visas
Our candidate believes in making it easier and safe for immigrants to become citizens by increasing background checks while making the system more efficient.
We need tighter border security. This is for the safety of the American people and for the immigrants themselves.
Tighter border security will prevent criminals from coming into the country under the radar of the government

Social Security and Medicare
Candidate plans on maintaining social security and medicare
These programs are meant to help hardworking Americans from experiencing abject poverty when life’s hardships come along.
Candidate will get more people of Social Security through creating an economy low on unemployment while providing job training programs

For many years now, Colorado families have been struggling economically. In hopes of lifting the economy, the government has made vigorous investments, cut taxes, and passed acts.
These adjustments have helped the economy move slowly towards stability but not at a quick enough rate.
Our proposal to create more jobs through public works will quickly decrease the unemployment percentage significantly. Colorado's economy will turn around and families will be back on their feet.
Nevada believes the nation's health care system needs reform but that can't be done with government take over.
We must improve access, bring down the cost of medical care, and provide coverage to those with preexisting conditions.
Health care reform will lower the cost of care by including the Medical Liability Reform, reimporting prescription drugs, and more.
In addition to health care, we will keep the taxes low and control government spending to boost our economy. Controlled spending will lead to the growth of new jobs for Pennsylvanians.
Lastly, immigration has been very beneficial for America, therefore legal immigration is encouraged.
The Border Security Act, the Economic Opportunity Act, and the Immigration Modernization Act will all help to improve issues concerning immigration.
High skilled immigrants will contribute to America's competitiveness in our global economy and will boost the economy, benefiting Pennsylvanians.
North Carolina
The citizens of North Carolina want a solution that will reduce the cost of health care, make insurance affordable and accessible, that's why furthering the affordable care act will be perfect in this state.
North Carolinians are having trouble with the economy as well, so the top priority is job creation to boost the economy.
Fundamental tax reform is also key to meeting this goal.
Our current system is complex and punishes work and savings, that is why we need tax reform.
Health care costs are spiraling out of control. Lowering health care costs is necessary in order to grow our economy and create jobs in our country.
Florida wants a government that will make it easier to create jobs and provide certainty in its tax policies.
We need to secure affordable health care coverage. We cannot go back to insurers denying coverage for preexisting conditions.
In addition, we must bring down the federal deficit with the need to invest in long term prosperity for Virginia and the nation.
Lastly, legal immigrants help the economy not only for Virginia but for the nation as a whole.
We must provide a better visa system, enhance our border security, create a path to normalizing the legal status of those here unlawfully, and a better system to verify the immigration status of their employees.
New Hampshire
We need to continue to create jobs and lay the foundation for long term economic growth for New Hampshire's economy to flourish.
We must also transform our health care system to provide better care at a lower cost by lowering prescription drug costs, providing coverage for children, and continuing stem cell research.
Personal Life
White male, 47 years old, born and raised in North Carolina
Acquired degree at Harvard School of Political Science and Harvard School of Law; while he was in the military
Served in Middle East
After 7 years of serving he became a Sargent
Married to Latina woman, and father of a young boy and girl
Later retired to Politics
The Goal is 305
No Chance States
For Sure State's Electoral votes
California - 55
Washington - 12
Illinois - 20
Maine - 11
New york - 29
New Jersey - 14
Massachusetts - 11
Rhode Island - 4
Delaware - 3
Vermont - 3
Maryland - 4
Hawaii - 4
Connecticut - 7

There are a few states where Mr. Foxworth does not stand much of a chance at the polls.
Those states are, generally, conservative leaning states who are not willing to change their ways.
Those states are Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Arizona, Arkansas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Louisiana,
Political Career
House Representative of North Carolina
Then represented the state in the Senate
Pretty Good State's Electoral Votes
Oregon - 7
New Mexico - 5
Minnesota - 10
Michigan - 16
Ohio - 18
Pennsylvania - 20
Wisconsin - 10
These States should vote for us because we are exactly what they all want . We will be creating jobs to help those who are unemployed and for those who are getting hurt by the unstable economy. The new jobs will be generating money flow into the nations economy there fore stopping the peoples financial stress.We will be making it easier for all immigrants to become citizens in order for them to get jobs which will also tie into stabling our economy. We will though be tightening up our border patrol to make sure that no criminals and etc. come into our country. All of these States will benefit from our policies and together we will all continue to make America a free and prosperous country
In order to guarantee a win in the election, Mr. Foxworth must reach a total of 305 electoral votes.
To get him to that golden number we have devised the following strategy.
Judging by our candidates policies and these states' past voting practices, we are guaranteed to win
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