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Pros !

No description

Lara Fitz

on 18 October 2014

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Transcript of Pros !

simple digital tool that is immediately operational
weight of the tablet
apps make learning funnier
Economic benefits
protection of the environment !
Scholar benefits
largest knowledge database
equality of chances
Benefits of the numerical tools
Is handwriting disappearing ?
one of our most precious inventions
children are losing the ability to write cursively
Finding a balance between both writing and typing ?
both can't disappear
"back to basis"
Handwriting linked to cognitive development
the more children write, the more connections they build
better grades
With the spread of digital learning, do we still need teachers ?
Will typing eventually become our only way of communication ? According to you, is handwriting still relevant ?
Pros !
Cons !
If you had children would you prefer them to learn through cursive writing or digital learning ?
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