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The Simpsons

No description

Didi Wang

on 10 May 2014

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Transcript of The Simpsons

By: Didi :)
Table of Contents
Who are The Simpsons?
Brief look at the Characters
Matt Groening
What can the Simpsons Teach us?
Homer Simpson
Bart Simpson
Marge Simpson
Lisa Simpson
Interesting Facts
World Records
Who are the Simpsons?
The Simpsons is a cartoon show made by Matt Groening and produced by Fox Broadcasting Company.
It is about the lives of the Simpsons family, including Homer, the idiotic father, Marge, the sensible mother, Bart, the rebellious son, and Lisa, the bright daughter.
The family lives in the fictional town, Springfield.
The Simpsons in their most well-known position, on the couch.
Main Characters
Homer Simpson
Homer Jay Simpson is a dumb 40 year old man who loves donuts and Duff beer. He is voiced by Dan Castellaneta. Homer's Catchphrases is: "D'oh!" some minor ones are: "Mmm...*Insert Food Here*" or "Why you little..." Homer says this to Bart when he is mad, and then he starts strangling him. Homer's parents are Mona and Abraham Simpson (also known as Abe Simpson.) The reason behind Homer's lack of intelligence is because when Homer was little, he experimented stuffing 15 crayons up his nose, and resulted in one being stuck in his brain. Homer's lifelong best friends are Lenny and Carl and Moe. Homer spends his past time either watching TV or hanging out with Lenny and Carl at Moe's Tavern. Moe's Tavern is a bar. Homer is shown to be an overweight balding man. Despite his selfish, annoying personality, Homer actually really cares a lot about his wife and kids. Homer has anger issues, and this is shown whenever he gets mad at Bart.
Homer works as a low level safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, which is runned by Mr. Burns and his assistant, Smithers. Although most of the time, Homer either sleeps on the job, or eats donuts. You may be wondering how Homer got his job if he was so stupid. Well when Homer applied for the job, Smithers turned him down. But when Homer got serious about supporting his family, he marched into Mr. Burns office and said: "I'll kiss your butt and call it ice cream and if you don't like it I can change!" To which Burns replied, "I like your approach: spineless yet aggressive." So thats how he got hired.
A Brief Look At The Characters
Bart Simpson
Matt Groening
Ten year old Bartholomew JoJo Simpson is mischievous, a dare-devil and an incredible skate boarder. Bart likes to read comic books, play video games, torment his sister, and most of all; play pranks. Bart Simpson is a master prankster and it is said that he is really good athlete. Along with skateboarding, Bart knows how to play dodge ball really well, miniature golf and karate. Although in a survey it is said that Homer Simpson was the most liked in the show, Bart was actually supposed to be the main character. It is said that Homer wanted to name Bart "Barf Simpson" but Marge thought that he might be teased by other kids. He is the oldest Simpson child and often misunderstood. He is in fourth grade but reads at a second grade level. His catchphrases are: "Ay Caramba!" and "Eat My Shorts!" Bart Simpsons's best friends is Milhouse who adores him and will do anything to make Bart impressed. His blood type is the super rare Double O Negative.
Marge Simpson
Lisa Simpson
Lisa Marie Simpsons is a brilliant 8 year old with an IQ of 158 (Usually, the normal IQ of an average adult is between 90 to 110. If your IQ is 120 and higher you are considered smarter than average. Einstein's IQ is said to be around 160-170) She is the only Simpson that is a Buddhist. Lisa is far smarter than anyone her age. Although Lisa is super nice, smart, witty and independent, she has very little friends. Her classmates and people around her see her as a geeky teacher's pet. Even the teachers find Lisa annoying sometimes. Many people are jealous of her smarts and hate how she is an over-achiever. She is loved by her parents, Homer and Marge. She is a vegetarian and is environmentally friendly. She seems to be the only person in Springfield with any common sense on Global Warming. Lisa is described to very pretty with blonde hair that is styled into starfish spikes and is said to have bluish grey eyes.
Love Life:
Marge Simpson- There has been many different versions about how Homer met Marge. So I'll just say two of the versions.
First Version: When Homer was 10 he went to camp for underprivileged boys, Camp See-a-Tree. There, Homer met his future best friends, Lenny, Carl and Moe. Turns out, that camp was more like a prison where all the boys had to work as servants in the kitchen at a girl's camp, Camp Land-a-Man across the lake. One day, Homer found a retainer on one of the girls dishes and hands it back to the anonymous girl which is actually Marge. (He didnt see her because there was a kitchen wall between them only big enough for the plate to pass.) Marge straightens her hair for her 'date' but she accidently burned her hair and made it brown. Marge and her friends asked what Homer's name but before Homer even told them his name they made fun of the name Homer so Homer told them his name was Elvis. Almost 30 years later, Homer find out it was Marge.
Second Version:
They met in the detention hall. Homer for being himself and Marge for standing up for women. Homer tried to get her attention by pretending to be bad at french, so Marge could tutor him. But when Homer told Marge the plan she was angry and went to the prom with Arty Ziff. But Arty didn't behave himself in the car, so Marge forgave Homer in the end.
Margorie Jaqueline Simpson is a 38 year old full-time mom. Marge's maiden name was Bouvier. In high school she was an honor roll student before she met Homer. In the past, she has been an excellent policewoman, a baker, a model and a real estate agent. Marge was raised by her parents, Jacqueline and Clancy Bouvier. is the youngest daughter of the Bouvier family. She has two older sister's who are twins; Patty and Selma. Marge has three kids, Bart Lisa and Maggie. She is married to Homer Simpson. Patty and Selma both disapprove of Marge's husband Homer. Marge spends most of her time at home taking care of Maggie, being supportive to Lisa or disciplining Bart. Marge is mostly a calm person, but in the past, Marge has done some crazy things. She has shoplifted, cheated at a cooking contest, been an alcoholic and she used to be addicted to gambling. Marge is sensible and has a tendency to be a 'wet blanket' as Homer puts it. Although Marge's sesibility is often not appreciated, she is need in order to maintain stability. Marge is a really good mother and cares a lot about her children. In one episode Marge volunteered to wash all the uniforms from a school to get Lisa to attend a good school.
Skills and Abilities:
Physical: Homer's skill varies alot. Sometimes Homer can find it difficult to run a very short distance, but in other cases, Homer seems to be able to run super fast. When Homer was young, he was a very talented gymnast. He even caught Marge's eye while doing his performance. Unfortunately, that all ended when his father's lack of faith in him made him mess up in front of the entire school.
Musical: Homer's musical talent is probably the only skill that remained throughout all the seasons. Homer can play the guitar, the piano and is a singer and a songwriter. When lying on his back, Homer possesses a powerful opera voice which made him an opera star for a little while.
"I will love you as long as my heart beats and my brain still brains."
"You tried your hardest and you failed miserably. The lesson here is never try."
"Just because I don't care doesn't mean i don't understand."
"If at first you don't succeed, give up."
"Hey this person isn't breathing! Don't people usually breathe?"
"I discovered a meal between breakfast and brunch."
Love Life: Although Marge is portrayed as a beautiful women, and it is said that throughout the seasons that many people think Homer doesn't deserve Marge, Marge has not had as many affairs as Homer.
Married Life: After the date with Arty didn't go well, Marge started going out with Homer and after they dated for several years, Marge discovered that she was pregnate with Bart and she and Homer were married in a small wedding chapel. Lisa was soon born after and then finally Maggie Simpson. She is bilingual and fluent in French. Her marriage with Homer is really strong, although their marriage has been put through countless tests, they always make up in the end.
3. Selma Bouvier
4. Artie Ziff
Mindy Simmons- Mindy Simmons was a beautiful new employee who started working at he Nuclear plant with Homer. She had nearly everything in common with Homer, from sleeping at work to drinking beer. Homer almost had an affair with her, but then Homer turned her down because he remembered that when no one liked him, Marge did.
Lurleen Lumpkin- Lurleen is a waitress that Homer helped to make into a big country singer. Lurleen fell in love with him but Homer turned her down.
Artie Ziff: Artie Ziff was Marge's high school prom date but he ruined a wonderful evening because he came on too strong. Artie is a nerdy, but very confident person. Arty is obsessed with Marge and is constantly trying to steal Marge away from Homer. Artie Ziff is now a software billionaire and the fifth richest man in the country. His wealth came from inventing a device that transformed modern noise into easy listening music.
Although Bart seems to be cold-hearted and mean sometimes, he is actually very caring. It is hinted that Bart's favorite person in his family is his mom. He once said: "Mom can make garbage taste great." He tries to seem cool and act tough but when someone needs help he always feels guilty when he doesn't help. It is even said in one episode that when a series of coincidences made Bart 'beat up' the school bully, Nelson, Bart was really upset and told everyone he didn't mean to hurt Nelson and that he didn't want to be a bully. Bart always picks on Lisa and it is because Bart is jealous of how everyone loves Lisa best. He still really likes her and always apologizes when he goes too far. Bart is known as the 'underachiever" Plus he is also a redhead and he said that his hair turned blonde from staying in the sun all the time.
Love Life:
For a 10 year old kid who still believes in 'cooties', Bart has had a lot of 'girlfriends' and crushes on a number of girls in town, despite that most of them had ended breaking up with him. As Lisa says: "As soon as they find out the real you, they Parto de Barto."
Jessica Lovejoy: Bart Simpson had a secret relationship with Jessica Lovejoy who is the Reverend Lovejoy (the priest.) At first Bart thought that Jessica only liked good people since her dad was the priest but then Bart Simpson found out that she was even worse than himself. Jessica dared Bart to do dangerous things and Bart couldn't handle it anymore and broke up with Jessica.
Laura Powers: Laura Powers is a 15 year old girl and the first girl that Bart had a crush on. She is a tomboy and outgoing. She moved in to the house next to door to the Simpsons. Laura was the babysitter for for Lisa, Bart and Maggie. Soon Bart found out that Laura had been going out with Jimbo Jones. Laura said that "If you had a bad teenage mustache, I'd go out with you in a second."
Nikki McKenna: Nikki is a 5th Grade girl who is just as well of a skate-boarder as Bart. Nikki at first seems to be bothered by Bart paying so much attention to her, but then when she finds out that Bart is a lot like her, (Skate-boarding, pulling pranks, etc.) she seems to like him. She keeps on constantly changing her mind whether or not she likes Bart or not.
There are actually 4 more girls that Bart Simpson briefly 'dated' Jenny, a sweet girl that Bart tried to change for. Greta Wolfcastle; a girl who had a huge crush on Bart. Shauna a 15 year old girl who was really bad by stealing things. And Gina, who was a prisoner.
Darcy: When Bart Simpson won a car because he accidentally saved the town, he convinced 15 year old Darcy that he had a disability which made him seemed short and young. So Darcy thinks that Bart is 16. Soon after dating a bit, Darcy proposes marriage because she was pregnant but NOT with Bart but apparently the other guy ran off. Bart acts oddly mature and agrees (unwillingly) to marry Darcy. Later Darcy find out that Bart is actually a 10 year old boy and they split up.
Mary Spuckler: Mary is a country girl and she and Bart have known each other for quite a long time. She is probably the only girl that stayed with Bart for so long. Mary is really nice and Bart took her for granted by ignoring her even though Mary wrote him songs and stuck with him when he did things she found boring. In the end Mary finally got tired of Bart treating her for granted and split up.
Although Lisa is a vegetarian and cares for every animal, Bart is actually more of an animal-lover than her. There have been a couple of times where Bart takes in an injured animal and helps the animal get back to health and then gets attached to it.
Skills and Abilities:
Bart can speak several languages with fluency. Bart can speak Spanish, French, Japanese, Cantonese and Latin, His advanced linguistic may have come from Homer because Homer can also learn to speak languages really fast. Another skill Bart inherited from his father was his musical ability. Bart was a really skilled drummer until an injury destroyed his talent. Bart is also a really good dancer, he was a ballet star for a while and can also dance hip hop and break-dance.
What Can The Simpsons Teach Us?
World Records
Although the Simpsons is a cartoon show, there are some things inside that could teach us some things. Lisa Simpson is probably the person that teaches us the most since she is a vegan and cares a lot about the environment. The Simpsons captures the world's attitude towards global warming and how people either choose to ignore it, or just don't care. As quoted from Kent Brockman the news reporter; “Could this record-breaking heat wave be the result of the dreaded greenhouse effect? Well, if 70-degree days in the middle of winter are the ‘price’ of car pollution, you’ll forgive me if I keep my old Pontiac.” Joke or not, this kind of message reinforces peoples’ uncertainty about the severity of the threat. How they laugh off all the warnings. Throughout the years, Lisa has started to not complain as much. This is because many people have complained that Lisa is a "shrill doomsayer" and makes the show less funny. Climate researchers have found out that the gloomy doom messages can overwhelm people so they just shut out the issue. And since it is shown that no one really likes Lisa and everyone finds her annoying, she is perhaps not the best messenger to deliver information about the science of global warming. There are many different opinions of the Simpsons taking on the serious issue of global warming. Some of people even say that the 'attempt of warning people of environmental issues is weak and it's a bit of a shame, because if there is anywhere that climate change could get a great hearing in pop culture, it would be the Simpsons." Though some may find it annoying when Lisa Simpson complains about how cutting down trees is 'murder,' or trying to use solar energy, she has won many awards because of her concerns for the environment. This includes a Board of Directors Ongoing Commitment Award at the Environmental Media Awards and a "Most Animal-friendly TV Characters of all time." impsons There has been much debate over what The can teach us about family. The Simpsons are definitely not the ideal perfect family. When criticizing The Simpsons, many people turn to Homer Simpson. People focus on his lack of parenting towards Bart. Homer's attitude is not what would be expected out of a normal American father. In fact, many people in the U.S blamed Homer Simpson for contributing to the decline of fatherhood in 1999 emphasizing that Homer is a terrible role model for parents. Homer is not the only 'bad role-model' of the Simpson family. Many people also complain about how Bart is a bad influence on young boys. No one likes Lisa, even though Lisa is so smart and nice. But everyone likes Bart, who doesn't care about school and likes to pull pranks. But despite these atributes that make the Simpsons imperfect and dysfuncitonal, overall the Simpsons still emphazise that family is more important than anything. There are many times where The Simpsons family gets torn apart due to ridiculous reasons, but no matter what, they always overcome it and realize that nothing is more important than your family.
Interesting Facts
Homer's famous catchphrase: "D'oh!" has been added to the English Oxford Dictionary.
The reason the Simpsons are yellow is because the creator, Matt Groening said: "Because when you're flipping through the channels with your remote and a flash of yellow goes by, you'll know you're watching The Simpsons."
All the characters on the show are shown to have four fingers except for one person, God.
It takes between six to eight months to create each episode.
Lisa has celebrated her 8th birthday on two different episodes.
The person behind Maggie's sucking noises is the show's creator, Matt Groening.
The six main voice actor's get paid 400,000 per episode.
The reason Groening called the town Springfield was because there are dozens of different cities with that name in the States (keeping fans guessing as to which state the Simpsons live in).
While Lisa’s first word was “Bart” and Maggie’s was “Daddy”, the first words out of young Bart’s mouth were “Ay caramba!”.
The episode ‘Angry Dad’ features a comic/cartoon drawn by Bart. However, none of the show’s animators could make their drawings look like they were created by a child, so one of them got their son to do them.
Maggie’s stuffed bunny is actually the main character from Matt Groening’s comic strip ‘Life In Hell’.
Ned Flanders is actually 60 years old.
To promote The Simpsons Movie, American convenience store 7-Eleven transformed some of its shops into Kwik-E-Marts, selling Simpsons merchandise such as Buzz Cola, Squishees and Krusty-O cereal.
Lisa Simpson predicted 3 Super Bowl wins in one episode.
The Simpsons
Love Life:
Even though Lisa Simpson is said to be very pretty and nice, there are not many guys who liked her.
Nelson Muntz: This relationship is very ironic, because Lisa Simpson is a very pure, innocent girl who likes animals and hates violence and dissaproves of anything that could hurt others, yet she likes the class bully Nelson. Nelson is the first person that Lisa liked and she said it was because "he's so bad." Lisa tried to change Nelson into becoming nicer and it almost worked but then it didn't.
Ralph Wiggum: Since Ralph is a hopeless case and no one liked him, Lisa sent Ralph a Valentines Day card because she pitied him. Ralph the had a crush on Lisa and started following Lisa around. Lisa finally told Ralph that she did not like him and only gave him a card cause she pitied him.
Milhouse: Out of all the boys that Lisa has encountered, Milhouse is definitely the most desperate one, he is constantly trying to win Lisa's heart. Although it is said that Lisa thought Milhouse was nerdy and weird, when Milhouse actually forgot about Lisa, Lisa was upset. On one occasion, Lisa was forced to learn Spanish in order to go on an educational trip to Italy. She found out that Milhouse spoke fluent Spanish and he taught her Spanish. Lisa soon develops a little crush on him. But after the classes were finished, Lisa saw Milhouse liked another girl and she was really angry.
Collin: Collin is an Irish environmental boy . He plays the drums, piano, guitar, trumpet, drums and bass. He only appeared in The Simpsons Movie.
Apart from Lisa's intelligence, Lisa is also good at many other thing. Ever since Lisa was little, she played the saxophone, she is really talented at it. Her greatest love is playing jazz on her baritone saxophone. Not only that, she is an amazing singer (she won a singing competition before.) and has been seen playing the electric bass guitar, accordian, and piano fluently as well.
Matthew Abram Groening was born on February 15, 1954 in Portland, Oregon, United States. He took some of the names of his own family members and put them in the Simpsons. His grandfather was Abram Groening (Abe Simpson) His father was Homer Groening (Homer Simpson) His mother was Margaret Wiggum (Marge Simpson) His sister Lisa Groening (Lisa Simpson) His sister Margaret Groening (Maggie Simpson) His other sister, Patricia Ann Groening (Patty Bouvier) He is an America cartoonist, screenwriter, producer, animator, author, musician and voice actor. He created the Simpsons and also Futurama. Growing up, Matt hated school and spent all his time doodling and he became very artistic. Groening then attented Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. It was not a very famous, well-known school. But it was filled with creative people, or as Matt put it: "A sanctuary for self-disciplined creative weirdos." He was the editor of the school paper and he did the cartoon section there. Although Matt really loved to draw and cartoon, he never really thought about it as a career option. He never thought that he would get paid for it, because he didn't think he was good enough at drawing. One day, Matt Groening met a fellow student who was a cartoonist named Lynda Berry,. She inspired Matt because she told him that she sold her comics to many different newspapers. After he graduated, Matt moved to Los Angelas, in 1973 and sold his comic strip "Life in Hell" to the LA Weekly in 1980. "Life in Hell soon became a national hit earning Groening loads of money. The success of "Life in Hell" caught the eye of a producer names James L. Brooks who contacted Matt to ask if he was interested in doing shorts on the Tracy Ullman Show. So Matt invented a weird family quite like his own. Originally he wanted the main character to be named Matt, like his. But instead he named it Bart because he 'liked the sound of a mean father yelling out the name." They were about 1-2 minutes long. The first Simpsons sketch was called "Good Night" It is about Marge and Homer scaring the kids as they say goodnight. After 3 seasons of the shorts, The Simpsons got so much popularity that it premiered as a series on Fox on December 17, 1989 and became a huge success. At that time, Twentieth Century Fox was about to collapse because no one was watching them. Then the Simpsons came and saved the network. That is why sometimes the Simpsons can make fun of Fox without getting in trouble. The Simpsons premiered as it is today, 30 minutes comedy series January 14, 1990. The series immediately won the 1990, 1991, 1995, and 1997 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Animated Program. Although the Simpsons instantly became famous, there were some people who did not like them. On October 1990, Barbara Bush (wife of George Bush) called the Simpsons "The dumbest thing she had ever seen." And then President Bush said in his re-elction campaign; "We are trying to make our American families more like the Waltons and less like the Simpsons." The Simpsons then had a huge rivalry with the Bush family and they even made an episode where Goerge Bush and his wife moved next to the Simpsons and Homer and Bart teamed up to pull pranks on them. Matt Groening, James L. Brook and Sam Simon worked together to make The Simpsons. Although Sam Simon and Matt Groening worked well together, their relationship became "very contentious" according to Matt Groening. Their has always been some tension between Matt Groening and Sam Simon. Both people were very talented and creative and sometimes they had different ideas over what was right for the show. They saw things very differently. Many people are debating over who is the real creator of The Simpsons. It is true that Matt Groening thought of the idea of the Simpsons and designed them. But he is rarely the man who is creating ideas. They call Sam Simon the "unsung hero." Matt wanted more opinions so he hired Al Jean and Mike Reiss.In season 14, Matt Groening and the crew switched from traditional cel animation to digital ink and paint. The first episode to use digital ink was "Radioactive Man" in 1995. In 1997, Matt Groening got together with David X Cohen and they created Futurama which premiered in 1999. After 4 years on the air, it got cancelled by Fox in 2003. His advice to cartoonists is to not care what other people think and just try to make yourself laugh. Matt Goening said that if he wasn't a cartoonist he would probably be in a tire shop, drawing doodles on his boss's walls. Matt Groening has won 11 Emmy Awards. Ten of them for The Simpsons and one for Futurama. He also won the National Cartoonist Society Reuben Award for "Life in Hell."
Main Voice Actors!
Daniel Louis Castellaneta: Dan is the voice of Homer Simpson, Abe Simpson, Barney Gumble, Krusty the Clown, Groundskeeper Willie, Mayor Quimby, Hans Moleman, Mr. Bruns, etc. Dan is the voice actor who voices the largest number of characters on the Simpsons. He's won 4 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance on the Simpsons. He was born on October 29, 1957 in Oak Park Illinois. Since an early age, Dan took an interest in performing and took acting lessons. He would listen to his dad's comedy records and practice with his voice. He loved to make impressions of over people and it became a hobby of his. His father was an amateur actor who worked for a printing company. He went to Northern Illinois University where he studied art education with the hopes of becoming an art teacher. Soon after, he became a student teacher and entertained his students with funny impressions of old movie stars. Dan also worked at a radio station where he could practice his many voices. he said that they did many parodies of old TV shows and he would do impressions of the actors. The show was not very popular, but it was a good way for him to practice his voicing. Dan joined Chicago's "Second City" (Which is basically a comedy play.) He acted there until 1987. The reason he was one of the people who got to audition for Homer was because once Tracy Ullman watched his show and she loved Dan's performance, it even made her cry! He auditioned for the role of Homer Simpson during The Tracey Ullman Show audition for the Simpsons. his voice started off as a very gruff voice but then later became a more loose. Dan sais when he does his voice for Homer he drops hischin to his chest and "lets his IQ go."
Nancy Jean Cartwright: Nancy is the voice of Bart Simpson, Nelson Muntz, Ralph Wiggum, Todd Flanders, etc. She has won an Emmy for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance. She is born on October 15th, 1957 in Dayton Ohio. She discovered her talent for voices at an early age. In Fourth Grade she won a school wide speech competition. Cartwright went to Fairmont West High School, and she went in the school's theater and marching band. She regularly entered public speaking competitions, placing first in the "Humorous Interpretation" category at the National District Tournament two years in a row. The judges told her that she should perform cartoon voices. Cartwright graduated from high school in 1976 and accepted a scholarship from Ohio University She continued to compete in public speaking competitions; during her sophomore year, she placed fifth in the National Speech Tournament's exposition category with her speech "The Art of Animation". In 1976, Nancy got a part-time job doing voice-overs on a radio show. A representative from Warner Bros. Records visited the radio station because they thought Nancy Cartwright's voices were really good. They sent Nancy Cartwright a list of people who were in animation and Nancy called Daws Butler. Daws Butler voiced Huckleberry hound, Yogi Bear and more. Nancy wasn't looking for a job and he just wanted Daws to be his mentor and to make her voice better. They did this for a couple of years, reading a new script every week. In 1985, she auditioned for a guest spot as Cynthia in "Cheers." The audition called for her to say her line and walk off the set. In search of more training as an actor, Cartwright joined a class taught by Hollywood coach Milton Katselas. He recommended that Nancy Cartwright audition for the movie La Strada, a 1956 Italian film starring Giulietta Masina and directed by Federico Fellini. She got the role and began practicing for several months trying to perfect the art work. On March 13, 1987, Nancy Cartwright auditioned for The Simpsons. Cartwright originally intended to audition for the role of Lisa Simpson, the eldest daughter. After arriving at the audition, she found that Lisa was simply described as the middle child and at the time did not have much personality. Cartwright became more interested in the role of Bart, described as "devious, underachieving, school-hating, irreverent, and clever". Creator Matt Groening let her try out for Bart, and gave her the job on the spot.
Julie Kavner: Julie voices Marge Simpson, Patty Bouvier and Selma Bouvier. She was born on September 7th 1950 in Los Angles, California. She got an Emmy Award for her voice of Marge. She wanted to become an actor because: "There was never anything else i wanted to do, ever." She attended Beverly Hills High School and was known for her gravely low voice. She hated it there because she she was a loner and didn't have many friends. Julie tried out for many plays but it was unsuccessful. After graduating from high school, Kavner attended San Diego State University and majored in Drama. Kavner was cast in several productions at the University. She became known for her improvisation and ability to do both comedy and drama. She graduated in 1971 and got a day job as a typist at the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture. In 1973 Kavner auditioned for a role as one of Rhoda Morgenstern's sisters in The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Sadly she didn't get it. A year later, Rhoda Morgenstern became the leading character in a spin-off called Rhoda. Kavner was cast in her first professional acting role as Brenda Morgenstern, sister of the eponymous character.Rhoda debuted on CBS on September 9, 1974 and was cancelled in December 1978. She received four Primetime Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Continuing Performance by a Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for playing Brenda, and won the award in 1978.[She also received four Golden Globe Award nominations. In 1975, she received Daytime Emmy Award nomination for her starring role in the daytime special The Girl Who Couldn't Lose. Kavner was then cast as a sidekick to Tracey Ullman in The Tracey Ullman Show, which debuted on Fox in 1987. When The Simpsons said they need voices, Julie decided to try out and Matt Groening loved it and chose her.
Martha Maria Yeardley Smith: Yeardley Smith is one of the only two actresses on The Simpsons to just do one voice. (The other one is the person who voices Edna Krabappel.) She was born on July 3rd, 1964 in Paris, France. She moved to Washington in 1966 and was often teased as a child because of her nasaly high voice. Smith has stated: "I've sounded pretty much the same way since I was six. Maybe my voice is a little deeper now." She made her acting debut in a sixth grade play. Yeardley Smith became a professional actress in 1982 after graduating from drama school. After appearances in a number of school plays she joined the local Arena Stage theater group on an apprenticeship, featuring in their production of Peter Pan. She moved to New York City in 1984 and appeared in different Broadway films. Her first film role came in 1985's Heaven Help Us. She then played Putter in The Legend of Billie Jean. She moved to Los Angeles, California in 1986 and tried out for many parts in a TV film. After the auditions, the roles were given to other actresses. When she saw there was an audition for "The Simpsons" she went to try out and was originally going to audition for Bart. But the creator thought that her voice was too high so she auditioned for Lisa and got it.
Longest Running Animated Tv Series - The Simpsons is currently the longest running animated TV series in the world with over 600 episodes over the last 26 years.
Longest Running Sitcom - The Simpsons had this title since 2009
Most Emmy Awards Won by an Individual - James L. brook, the writer, producer, and director recieved 19 Emmy Awards, more than any other person.
Most Emmy Awards Won For An Animated TV Series - The Simpsons won it's 20th Emmy.
Most Guest Stars Featured in a TV Series - The Simpsons won this by the end of season 16, having 337 guest stars in 352 episodes. By the end of season 22, there were more than 500 special stars that appeared in The Simpsons including: Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Micheal Jackson, Justin Bieber, etc.
Most Searched for TV Show on the Internet - Google said The Simpsons were the most searched for show between December 2001 and 2003.
Tallest Stack of Donuts - The tallest stack of donuts (110.5 cm) made by 20th Centuary Fox to celebrate the Premier of The Simpsons Movie.
Continuous Television Watching - The record for most television watching was broken on February 12, 2012 by fans Jeremiah Franco and Carin Shreve at The Simpsons Ultimate Fan Marathon Challenge. The record was previously 86 hours, 6 minutes and 41 seconds but the two fans managed to watch 86 hours and 37 minutes of episodes of The Simpsons.
The End! :)
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