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4th Grade Narrative Writing Unit

Results from my 10 day unit during student teaching

Jennifer Gonzalez

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of 4th Grade Narrative Writing Unit

Small Group Resource Class 4th Grade Narrative Writing Unit Results My Students What I learned....... 6 boys & 1 girl
All struggle with Reading and Writing
Learning Disabilities (LD), Other Health Impaired (OHI), & Emotionally-Behaviorally Disturbed (EBD) Each student given writing prompt: "If you found $100 what would you do with it?" Pre-Assessment Learning Goals Don't assume they know
Make it fun
Flexibility Pre-Assessment Results The fourth grade student when given a prompt and necessary supports will write a narrative using real or imaginative events that includes descriptive details and clear event sequences that can be shared with their classmates. (ELACC4W3)

The fourth grade student, with guidance and support from peers and adults, will develop and strengthen their writing by planning, revising and editing to create a narrative that is easily understood and tells a story. (ELACC4W5)

The fourth grade student will use technology to produce and publish writing and demonstrate sufficient keyboarding skills when writing their final copy of their narrative. (ELACC4W6)

The fourth grade student will demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English by using correct capitalization, commas, and quotation marks, and spell grade-appropriate words correctly after editing with a teacher when producing a narrative to share with their classmates. (ELACC4L2) How I taught them to write....... Daily Oral Language
Shared Writing
Comic Strip
Graphic Organizer
Rubric Final Assessment Results Whole Class Subgroups by Disability Individuals Comparison
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