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Leadership at Echoing Green

No description

Matilda Gerhamn

on 9 February 2017

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Transcript of Leadership at Echoing Green

Klas, Lena and Matilda

What do you think is the main problem in the case?
Lara Galinsky
- Recap of the case
- The two main characters
- Discussion
- Our conclusion

Echoing Green
1987 - Echoing Green was launched
2001 - Cheryl Dorsey was appointed President
2002 - Heather McGrew was hired
2003 - Lara Galinsky was hired
2006 - Carolyn Bess was hired
2009 - Lara was appointed Senior Vice President

Cheryl Dorsey
Leadership at Echoing Green
President and external face of Echoing Green
A New York based non-profit public charity with the aim to support social entrepreneurs
Senior Vice President
Pick metaphors that suit Cheryl
from the perspective of...

...her subordinates

Group exercise
Pick metaphors that suit Lara from the perspective of...

...her subordinates

Group exercise
Thank you for your attention and participation!
Our analysis
Cheryl as a leader from the perspective of...
as a saint

as a gardener
...her subordinates-
as a saint and a gardener
Our analysis
Lara as a leader from the perspective of...
...herself -
as a gardener, buddy and commander
...Cheryl -
as a commander
...the subordinates -
as a commander
Our conclusion
- Different approaches to leadership
- Manager versus leader
- Solution: open communication, clarification of their responsibilities, understanding of their differences
- Complementary strengths
What advice would you give Cheryl and Lara?
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