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Whistler Trip

No description

angel fang

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Whistler Trip

Whistler Vacation July 11, 2010 Afternoon arrived July 11, 2010 Afternoon July 11, 2010 Evening Dinner Starter;
House Salad $8.99
Seafood Chowder $10.95
Main course:
Alaskam Scallops and Jumbo Prawns $36.96
Grilled Augus Beef $39.95
Cheesecake x2 $10.99 ea

July 11, 2010
Evening activity July 12, 2010 Morning eat lunch at Domino's arrives at hotel check in at front desk arrives at room and
drop off luggage Go on a Coast Mountain Photography tour and buy the pictures afterwards
$50 bucks for family photos July 12, 2010 Afternoon July 12, 2010 Evening Dinner at Araxi July13, 2010 Morning Strolling in a park and took some pictures
Afternoon July 13, 2010 Lunch at KFC Snowmobile tour after lunch July 13, 2010 Evening Dinner at Elephant & Castle July 14, 2010 Morning went to the lake for a walk Starter: Salmon Caesar Salad $14
Chicken cranberry peppercorn salad $14
Main course: Lamb Curry $24
Chicken pot pie $19.99
Dessert: Brownie ice-cream 9.99
Cheesecake $9.99
July 14, 2010
Afternoon decided to go for
bungee jump July 14, 2010
Evening Starter: Crab cakes $13.98
Chickem Wings $12.99
Main course: Mussels and fries $18.98
Wild Salmon & Fish $18.98
Dessert: Creme Brulee $7.98
Tiramisu $ 7.98
July 15, 2010 Morning July 15, 2010 Afternoon July 15, 2010 Evening July 16, 2010 Morning July 16, 2010 Afternoon July 15, 2010 Afternoon lobby atmosphere amenities available :
Pool at second floor
Gym at second floor
Babysitting services
Laundry at each floor back to hotel and sleep July 11, 2010 Evening @ 11:30pm dinner at Mountain Restaurant visit activiy central to find
some activities to do decided to go to the
tree trek up at the tree trek and
take some pictures
$29 per ticket x2 went to the smart gift
to get some souvenir also do some shopping
at the same time library in the morning bed time lunch eats greek food
at OPA July 17, 2010 Morning July 17, 2010 Lunch at Labosca saw some olympic remnats and figurs Starter: Golden Apple Soup $12
Creme Chowder $12
Main Course: Red tuna $34.50
Canadian Prime Ribeye $39.50
Dessert: Ice-cream sandwich $9
Apple Cheesecake $9 July 12, 2010 Evening at 10:30pm Starter: Noodle Bowl $10
Tomato Soup $10
Main Course: Vanilla Sockeye Salmon $21
BBQ Ribs $22
Dessert: Chocolate Fondant $12
Green Tea Ice-Cream Sandwich $10 July 14, 2010
Afternoon Take out lunch at Zog's July 16, 2010 Afternoon get a drink and chat at Starbucks just arrived and lunch at McDonalds Bacon Cheese Burger Pack up and check out $120 for first jump, $50 for additional Interview
Heinz Fritzer

William Smith

Which hotel did they stay at and how would they rate it on a scale of 1-5.
Heinz Fritzer: Westin 4
William Smith: Westin 5

Three restauraunts they ate at and rated on a scale of 1-5.

Heinz: Araxi 5, Old Spaghetti Factory 3, Umberto’s Restauraunt 3
William: Old Spaghetti Factory 2, Sushi House 4,


Heinz: Shopping 2, Hiking 2, Swimming 3,
William Smith: Snowmobiling 3, Watched a movie 3

City of origin

Heinz: Frankfurt
William: Seattle

Would they return?

Heinz: Possibly
William: Yes
800cc Ski-Doo Summit - $399.00
600cc Ski-Doo Summit (smaller riders) - $379.00 Loft Salon->go for nails and tanning It's a Tuesday
Tuesday Adults: $8.75
Child(2-12)/Senior(60+): $7.75 July 13, 2010 July 16, 2010 Afternoon Drop by and buy some cute shirts $20 dollars each
eats ice cream .. flavours :
smores, moo york cheesecake, crispy crunch July 13, 2010 return to hotel and go to bed Evening @ 11pm July 14, 2010
Evening @ 10:30pm back to hotel and rest self serve restaurant
$20 per plate Drop off for a coffee
Lift Coffee known to be the
best coffee place at Whistler Morning 10:15-11:45 am July 17, 2010 Morning 9- 10am Departured
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