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Why Baseball Sucks

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Transcript of Why Baseball Sucks

Repetitive Plays
The Games Last Forever
Uniforms are ugly
Professional players are scum
The People Suck
Theres many ways to put the ball in the hoop, puck in the net, ball in the hole, and ball in the endzone.
Theres 1 way to hit the ball...one way to catch the ball... one way to run around the bases.
All ESPN highlights are the same...everythings done in a set way...nothing unique ever happens.
Their the shit of the earth.
They take performance enhancing drugs...no hockey players ever do dat bitch.
Over half are dirty mexicans
Never less than almost 3 hours
They are dreadfully boring.
Theres an average of 8.5 minutes of action per 2.5-3 hours of game...what the fuck?
It's just aesthetically displeasing to look at pants in the summer.
Baseball fans, statheads and players are all fuckin annoying man...
Their the most loudmouthed, bigheaded people to walk the earth. NO EXCEPTIONS
If your apart of the crew...you have the morals deep inside you.
They dont actually care about the well being of the sport and activty...its either atmosphere(being their to say your a fan of something), betting or money.
Only sport where you dont have to be "in shape to play"
once again...what the fuck?
Also the officiating system is flawed...big time.
From pee wee to pro's...the logic is fucked up.
Why Baseball Sucks
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