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Money Ana Carolina

No description


on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Money Ana Carolina

After bartering people started making currency like for example Someone gave a cw for 5 sea shells. Each culture or country had it's own money or currency. The characteristics of currency had to be valuable, light,rare and hard to find. Here are some examples of currency: shells, feathers and colorful stones. The more valuable something was the bigger things you could buy.
C ins
People started using precious metals to make coins but they were very rare. The precious metals were very easy to be be shaped and weighted. 20,600 years ago coins were very crude and not even they were also gold or silver.
One thousand years ago people would barter. Bartering is like trading things but they had to be valuable so they could trade. The problems with bartering were that things wouldn't last long, they were to heavy or weren't very valuable.
The roman soldiers would pay the te people with bags of salt and Native Americans traded with eagle feathers.
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