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History of Minecraft

No description

Veronica Sellin

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of History of Minecraft

2010: Getting Started
2011: A big boost!
March~ Minecraft wins GDC for best debut game, Best downloadable game, and Game Innovation July~ 10 million registered Minecrafters October~ Pocket Edition is released! November~MineCon is held in Las Vegas 5,000 people attend, 1.0.0 came out, Minecraft is offically out of Beta stage, includes Ender Dragon(the main bose of the game),mooshrooms (a mix of red mushrooms and a cow) , and villagers
2013: The most recent
January~ Minecraft reachs 20 million copies sold of Minecraft! March~ Minecraft 1.5 includes redstone items and quartz April~ Pocket edition and Pc versions have sold 10 million copies each July~ 1.6 includes horses, carpet, and hardened and stained clay blocks
Minecraft master builder: book
Fun Facts!
If Minecraft Avatars were a real person they would be 6 ft. tall!
Notch's real name is Marcus Alexej Persson! (Notch is the creater of Minecraft)
Notch was 8 years old when he made his first game!
If you name a sheep Jeb_ it will turn all the different colors (in exsistance of Minecraft)!
A creeper ( one of the many hostile mobs ) was supposed to be a pig!
When the Ender Dragon(the boss of the game) dies it drops 70-110 pieces of exspirence points, its egg, and the portal back home (WARNING if you don't kill the Ender Dragon the only way back is to die!)
Pie Chart, and Graph of people over the years!
History of Minecraft
2009: The begining
March~ Minecraft 1.2.1 includes jungles, ocelots, cats, and iron golems May~ Mincraft 360 is released, it sells 400,000 copies that were sold in the first 24 hours! November~ MineCon is held in Disneyland, Paris 6,500 people attend December~Minecraft sells 453,000 copies on Christmas Eve alone!
Minecraft Essential Hand book

May~ Notch quits his job and start working on the game full fime and calls it the Cave Game, and releases it and renamed it Minecraft December~Minecraft goes into devolp stage, new things are added like crafting
2010: January~ 100,000 people registered! June~Minecraft hits Alfa stage, only survival, new updates are coming fast, 200,000 people registered! August~first MineCon ever, 50 people attend December~Minecraft wins IndieDB game of the year, Beta stage is released, adds egg throwing and random text next next to opening page
Our journey begins with...
1. 2009 2. 2010 3. 2011 4. 2012 5. 2013
These explain how much people have joined over the years and the two biggest jumps are between 2010 to 2011 and to 2012 to 2013. This shows that over those time periods that many people have taken intrest in the game and decided to join.
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