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Communicating Our Future

No description

Ashley Lax

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Communicating Our Future

Communicating Our Future
How to prioritize space and programming
How I Lead
Idea generation
Facilitation of success
What does that mean for the future of Rec Sports?
Collaboration - key when we have less space but still have programming needs

Communication- ability to be voice of two programs while also making sure the good of the Division and other programs are kept in mind

Facilitation of success - empower the right people and let them work
Get your priorities straight
Things to consider:
spaces we will have
participants we are serving
return on value
data driven decision making
What's our goal?
KJ Technique
Step 1: Identify focus question
Step 2: Opinion sticky notes
Step 3: Categorize stickies
Step 4: Name your users
Step 5: Vote on most important
Step 6: Rank importance
Facilitation of Success
Find a way for us to enable/incentivize users to utilize parts of our program they wouldn't normally...

What user group will get priority in NAT Gyms from 5-9p?
Engagement has many forms:
Focus groups
Brainstorming sessions
Staff retreats
Asst Director must engage all groups involved to ensure Division success.
Continue to use creativity and interaction with students, employees and pro staff to manage change and development over the next 10 years of Master Plan phasing.
Rec Sports Decathlon
Play IM Flag Football
Follow us on Twitter
Go to open swim
Play racquetball with a friend
Attend the Wisconsin Wellness Campaign
Take a group fitness class
Play tennis at Nielsen
Attend Rockin with Rec Sports
Attend the Sport Club Showcase
Go to open skate
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