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Anth111 Lec 3 Fall13

No description

Julie Jenkins

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Anth111 Lec 3 Fall13

What Do Anthropologists Do?
The account of a culture or subculture based on research/fieldwork.
What type of 'ethnographic' methods does Sam Dunn use?
Structured or unstructured
“using conversation with informants largely to discover the appropriate questions to ask” (Cohen 1984)
What kinds of problems may arise if one only uses interview techniques?
Participant Observation
to "grasp the native's point of view" - Malinowski
Emic Perspective (rather than Etic)
Involves...participating and observing
What kinds of methods did Stoller initially use in his research?

What kinds of problems did he encounter?
Overcoming their biases of researchers
Overcoming our cultural biases
Come to grips with the mundane aspects of life
Field Work Issues
Culture Shock
When entering the field
When returning ‘home’
Characterized by loneliness, anxiety, paranoia, fatigue, irritability
Doing research tells us just as much about ourselves as the topic or people we are studying
-People tend to talk about culture in a generic way
-Do not get a sense of what people actually do
Qualitative Methods vs Quantative Methods
Imagine that you were planning to undertake a fieldwork project on some culture or society. What part of the world or group of people would you like to study? What questions would you like to ask? What preparations would you make before you began your fieldwork? What techniques would you plan to use in the field? What would you expect the personal, social, and even physical challenges to be like? What would you do if the people were uncooperative, or if it were impossible to study what you came to study?
What kind of ethical issues do you think anthropologists face?
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