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College = Higher Salary ?

No description

Hyunjae Kim

on 15 November 2016

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Transcript of College = Higher Salary ?

1. Introduction- Ki Eun
Why we picked the questions?
▷We should question about it!
Survey Questions
1. Do you think it’s guaranteed for college graduates to get higher salary than those who don’t go to college?

ㅁYes ㅁNo ㅁMaybe

2. Why do you think so?

College = Higher Salary ?
2. Survey results- Hyun Jae
3. Discussion- Liu jing ye
▷Going to college means
getting higher salary?
Sample Population
Seoultech students
1~4 grade
40 Respondents
Probing Questions
1. Which one do you think more important, knowledge we learned in school or
practical skills we learned out of school?
2. If university doesn't guarantee high salary, do you think it's still worth going?
Thank you!!
" YES "
" NO "
The purpose of attending university is getting more knowledge.
People who get a job after graduating high school can experience social skills earlier.
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