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Reference Management

solutions for 2010

Ross Mounce

on 8 February 2011

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Transcript of Reference Management

Reference Management EndNote is not the only solution Just like for presentations,
one could use... (Death by) PowerPoint or for Mac fans... Keynote (reassuringly expensive...) There exist many alternative ways of achieving exactly the same aim (and EndNote is just one of them) ...and for reference and pdf management,
EndNote is just one of many: Today I shall discuss the relative merits of:

Zotero (*Totally Free)
Mendeley (*Basically Free)
CiteULike (*Totally Free)
Paperpile (*Totally Free)
JabRef & BibDesk (*Totally Free)
Papers (*NOT Free)
EndNote (*NOT Free)
1) Visually, EndNote is appallingly drab *X4 the latest version looks exactly like this too 2) Everything useful is hidden in menus c.f. The *excellent* UI for Paperpile Good use of colour, no hidden menus, clean, clear and cheerful! Other EndNote CONS

It is not cross-platform (Win/Mac only)

Universities pay thousands of pounds each year for 'licenses' to use this.

'Free' on campus, but not at home

Very poor collaborative features

No RSS feed integration EndNote is 'evil' (like Microsoft) Q: Why? It has a de-facto monopoly and abuses this position constantly, hindering user freedom by;

1.) 'Data lock-in' - it doesn't readily import/export the internationally recognised standard bibliographic data format (.bib, Bibtex) that all other programs use.

2.) Litigation - they attempted to sue one of their competitors (Zotero, 2008) for $10 million. They lost :) What about the other options then?
Why have I not heard about them? Aside from Papers. The majority of other good academic reference management systems are FREE.

Many such as Zotero, CiteULike, Papers, Paperpile and Mendeley are also relatively new.

They have relatively tiny marketing budgets. (one for the future) Well-funded, developed and supported
but it had a critical design flaw:

it's browser-based within Firefox

(it's currently in the process of being actively re-engineered into browser-free 'Zotero Everywhere') Ugly but very powerful, if you use Papers (For those with Macs, iPads and iPhones only) It costs money, but admittedly it is very pretty... Paperpile Very early stages of development (0.4.3)

Linux-only, Mac beta coming soon

Integrated RSS feeds (novel feature)

Integrated Pubmed / Google Scholar search

Automatic PDF downloading, naming filing

Clean, colourful, intuitive drag n drop UI Mendeley & CiteULike a whistlestop tour by Ross Mounce* *all views expressed herein are solely that of the author automatic (one-way) syncing partnership Mendeley has excellent desktop features

CiteULike (CUL) has brilliant web features Mendeley & CUL (I wouldn't recommend them if they weren't) Features of Mendeley CWYW (Cite While You Write) word-processor integration with both Word (MS) and Writer (OpenOffice)*

Fully cross-platform (Win/Mac/Linux)*

Import/Export Bibtex and EndNote libraries*

Open API so other developers can extend and innovate*

Automatically renames and files pdf's for you

Full-text searching, highlighting and annotation

Online back-up of references and pdfs *Demonstrably better than EndNote's capability Features of CiteULike Excellent web-based collaboration abilities*

Import articles direct from RSS feeds*

Automatic suggested reading (based upon your library and your nearest neighbours libraries)*

Automatic pdf downloading, renaming and filing

Citation ontology (very new)*

Recommendations You have the freedom of choice.

They are your references and your pdfs.

Store them how you wish; explore your options.

All options are free to try and many are permanently and completely FREE.

Should we really be paying for academic software? Synopsis If you use a Mac (and have money to burn) try Papers

If you use Windows try Mendeley & CiteULike

If you use Linux try Mendeley & CiteULike & Paperpile

If you don't currently use any management software whatsoever, please, please try something! Browse my CUL library http://www.citeulike.org/user/rossmounce *Demonstrably better than EndNote's capability ? ? 12 16 http://bit.ly/cHUfV2 http://bit.ly/ppile
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