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Horror Movie review

An example to follow for 8.a

Jacob Seidler

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Horror Movie review

Title - important start Your special review signs Example: I find it appropiate to use skulls to grade the movie in a fun way: Horror theme in 8.a How to write a good review Subtitle Facts about the movie! Title: "Dracula (1992) - If there are other movies with the same name!

Director: Francis Ford Coppola

Land of production: USA

Date of premiere in Denmark: 29th of january 1993 The title has to be catchy and make people want to read the rest of the review!


Like: "Dracula will freeze your blood and
delight your senses"

Or: "The orphanage builds up and finally blows your mind - mucho disturbing..." Present yourself to the the readers:

By: Jacob Seidler
Review of "Dracula" 4 out of 5 skulls! Finally your are out of the scary basement... Write the text describing what you like about the movie:

I enjoyed watching Dracula very much. I had beautiful scenery, great acting and a frightening/threatening atmosphere.
Gary Oldman is excellent as Count Dracula and seems as elegant as he is dangerous - very convincing.
As the film progresses you feel drawn back into a gothic time where nothing is what it seems.
I recommend watching it in the cinema with a loved one close to you. Let yourselves be drawn back into the time of vampires - and pray you will return...
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