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Social Media for boosting tourism

Introduction for using Social Media to re-boost tourism in Egypt (Social media for travel workshop, Cairo, August 2015)

Fady Aziz

on 17 September 2017

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Transcript of Social Media for boosting tourism

Social Media for boosting tourism
Fady Ramzy
InsideOut Today Co-Founder


Social Media is about people sharing their

is the most interesting experience to be shared

It is a
relaxed visual
What does the "
" traveler do "
before, during & after
The art (& power) of visual storytelling
A story from the Red Sea
Savoy is tripadvisor winner
We started from online identity analysis
Sales & Marketing team online orientation training
Facebook and twitter identity
Content (USPs) and engagement plan
Twitter contest for awareness
Facebook photo contest for repeaters
Quick win!
More than 600+ of the best user generated photos for the hotel

40% of website traffic coming from facebook
The most influential hotel over social media in Sharm el Sheikh (Klout score)
Online inquiries on the rise
Online bookings
than monthly average
Success story gains media attraction
Thank you :)
A Story from Aswan
Testing the "Brand Ambassador effect"!
The contest!
The Story
Content marketing (Photos & Videos)
Location marketing (Foursquare)
Story telling (Facebook, instagram, pinterest)
Conversations (Twitter)
Reviews (TripAdvisor)
Summary (The Blog)
Few Results
At least 3 rooms booked!
What is today's travel industry about
Before traveling
Source: Lab42.com
During traveling
source: @MDGadvertising
After traveling!
Source: Lab42.com
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