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Foreign Affairs

Should the United States support countries that face foeing affairs of injustices?

Lexi Day

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Foreign Affairs

Thesis Although the United States is involved in numerous foreign affairs, it is not in their concern to do so, the amount of stress that war creates is too much for our country to endure and the United States already faces a massive deficit which the cost of supporting another country is far too great. Background INFO!! Vietnam War The vietnam War lasted from 1959 until 1975.
The war was fought between communist North vietnam and south vietnam supported by the United States.
The Viet Cong devastated many American troops by dressing as civillians and attacking them by surprise.
After the war had droned out, many veterans had suffered from drug abuse, post traumatic tress syndrome, and suicide. I

R In 2003, The United states and The united kingdom entered th territory of Iraq because they allegedly carried weapons of mass destruction.
other reasons for occupation included:
The overthrow of the evil dictator, Sadaam Hussein.
The introduction of democracy into the corrupt nation. This war has cost over $ 981,011,800,000 and unfortunately is continuing to rise.
Regrettably, the Iraq War has drawn out for seven years now and there are no definite signs of ceasing. ARGUMENTS: After almost every war the united States haS been involved in THERE has BEEN A heavy price on our soldiers and their families.
Thousands of American families bear the grievances of their fallen heroes every day.
Although our country is a part of the United Nations, it is not our obligation to sacrifice the wellbeing of our nation. The cost of war is far too great for our nation to bear.
Even though America is one of the most bountiful nations in the world, the government has a responsibility to the United States, the government is supposed to serve the nation not pour its funds into another country. counter arguments: Dignity hitched a ride one day,
upon a Sorrow horse
Pride rode along part of the way
then walked the rest of course
The spurs they were a mellow curse
they jingled out of tune
The night was loud and out of sorts
and grumbled at the moon
The Sorrow horse had a sorry trot
and Dignity far to travel
A thread on Dignity's coat got caught
and began slowly to unravel
Then just at Dawn the Moon was gone
and Sorrow began to stumble
And Dignity was last seen naked and lost
somewhere in the jungle. many Supporters of americas involvement in foreign affairs argue that as a part of the United Nations, america should intervene in the many injustices ocurring all over thte world.

also there are arguments that state that america is founded on the baisc principle of freedom and as a nation of freedom we should liberate and help other countries in need. dignity lost --by Johnny C. Mayfield, cracked by combat 1967

Foreign Affairs should america be inolved in foreign affairs of injustices? Conclusion America is founded on the ideals of freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Refusing to help other countries goes against our nation’s founding beliefs. However America is not as strong and independent as it was before. The nation carries the weight of a 12 trillion dollar debt we cannot possibly support another nation when we are barely managing our own. Regrettably this issue coincides with a more depressing one: war causes too much heartache for the American people. Our veterans and active soldiers have taken their own lives due to the horrors of battle. America should not worry for other countries and instead mend our broken nation. WORKS CITED Rense, Jeff. "Vietnam facts". 3/18/2010 <www.rense.com>
Keteyian, Armen. "Suicide Epidemic Among Veterans". CBS News. 3/18 /2010 <http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2007/11/13/cbsnews_investigates/main3496471.shtml>.
White, Deborah. "Iraq War Facts, Results Statistics at March 29, 2010". US Liberals. 4/4/2010 <http://usliberals.about.com/od/homelandsecurit1/a/IraqNumbers.htm>.
"Cost Of War". National Priorities Project. 4/4/2010 <http://www.costofwar.com/>.

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