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No description

Christopher Rhodes

on 4 April 2014

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Sentence 1
I saw a biped out of my binoculars when I went to the beach in Florida.
Sentence Two
Aaron's grandpa's straight frame of his bifocal poked into the side of his ear.
Sentence 3
In the dialogue there was a man with big biceps and a six pack.
Sentence 4
The roads were treacherous due to the snowstorm which was duplicate of the day before.
Sentence 5
My dad is bilingual and flourishes in many different languages.
Sentence 6
The aerodynamic design of the airplane allows it to fly faster so a person can espape on an escapade.
Sentence 7
Dr. Davis pulled Bob's bicuspid out and had the duplicity so he pulled out another one.
Sentence 8
It was the bicennial of the longest living animal and the animal wanted to finance his company.
Sentence 9

It is really feasible to perceive your dreams and do what you want to do.
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