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Bridge Budapest 2nd leg

Puha Zoltán

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Kürtőskalács

on the japenese market?

Originated from Transylvania
first publicity : 1450

dough is put on wooden cylinder
baked brown over charcoal ember
pulled of the cylinder & rolled into different types of sugar
Aaand it is ready to eat

Kürtőskalács in Japan
In the world, there are several places where kürtőskalács is sold, named:
also in japan.
But, In japan, kürtőskalács has a "sibling"

3 keys to succes
I. The price
Japanese people love baumkuchen, so it is natural they will love kürtőskalács.
if we want to compete with them on the market, especially with our new product, the price should be a little bit lower
The candy market in japan and in the rest of the world as well, is saturated, so monopolistic position can't be reached.
so, the price should be determined by the following:
Where P stands for price, and MC* stands for marginal cost.
II. The Brand
*marginal cost is the cost for every new product: the cost for a new kürtőskalács, the wage of the worker, etc.
for success, the Demand should meet supply:
by Zoltán Puha
Bridge Budapest Fellowship program
II. leg

IF the price can't be lower than baumkuchen's price, in the first period, there could be a temporary discount, until japanese people can get used to it.
First of all, the name is very important:
I think, the name should stay kürtőskalács.
If someone will hear it in japan, the name will rise awareness.
If a product. named baumkuchen could be a success story in japan, kürtőskalács why can't?
The brand should need a strong social activity presence:
in bigger japanese cities, there should be
kürtőskalács coffeeshops
a place, where people can meet, drink a coffee and eat kürtőskalács
III. Production
learning to make a kürtősalács is easy
and also producing one isn't a big deal.
the ingredients, in first place can be brought from hungary, but
after a little period, for lowering costs, slowly, japanese suppliers can be used.
the kürtőskalács making machines are made in hungary, so if one goes wrong, the reparation costs would be high. teaching japanese workers to understand and to repair the machines would be much more cheaper.
connecting the coffeeshop with a great design and some cool new stuff from the latest technology would attract consumers, such as, ordering on ipads or holding gadget premieres.
Before putting it on market...
with the above steps, the kürtőskalács can be prosperous.
but before launching the product, a market anyalysis would make senge and could help
some test products could be sent to japan and after it was given to japenese people, we could listen to the responses for fine tuning the product for the new market
Thank You for watching the presentation!
Zoltán Puha
Little History & ...
... Manufacturing
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