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Tutorial on How to create a PIC code in 4 steps

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Maria Rosaria Valentini

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Tutorial on How to create a PIC code in 4 steps

Please make sure to fill in each field of the form, some are optional at this stage but become compulsory in the online applications
Complete the registration of your organisation!

Some fields could be not very explicit:

Business registration N°: for
informal groups
put the ID number of the legal representative

Registration date: for informal groups put the date
to force the registration

Registration Authority: the authority you registered your organisation to

go to the next page (NEXT) and repeat the operation until you reach the page "Finish your registration"

You finally get your PIC code!!!

Puis cliquer sur CLOSE !

Before clicking the "Finish your registration" button
choose the Erasmus + programme in the drop down menu (optional).

How to create your PIC code in 4 steps!

STEP 1 : Creation of an ECAS* account:

click on "Sign up"
Choose "External"
Tick the box once you have read and understood the document
A PIC code: what for?
The PIC code is a unique registration number compulsory to any project manager or partner within Erasmus +
** This is a one-time step, the PIC code is valid for the whole duration of the programme!

Go to the following page:

click on "login"
Enter the information and connect
then click on:
Fill in the fields step by step: name of the organisation / country selection then the fields that appear as you go along…

Go onto the next page by clicking the "NEXT" button to carry on with your organisation registration!
Fill in
* ECAS is a new unique username allowing the use of every application of the European Commission.

go to this address:
... Once connected,
between step 1 (ECAS account creation) and the possibility to start with step 2 (registration of your organisation), you should have received a confirmation email of the creation of your ECAS and you should have activated it!

The reception of this email can take up to 1 hour.
It is important that you pay close attention to its reception for the activation of your ECAS will only be possible through this email in a very short frame time (an hour and a half maximum)!

Once your ECAS account is activated, you will be able to proceed with step 2: (registration of your organisation) to obtain your PIC code.
For this step you do not have any time limit, you can do it anytime as soon as step 1 is finalised.
STEP 2: Registration** of your organisation to obtain the PIC code on the "Unique Registration Facility" (URF)

Then identify yourself: (Click on LOGIN)

you are now able to apply for a grant, an application for an EVS accreditation or to be a partner of a project carried out by another NGO...

These sheets will be:
completed (directly on the pdf version)
then save it in your "structure" account accompanied by the required documents by clicking the red "MO" button below.

Once the PIC is specified in the various documents, the fields will automatically fill in
STEP 3: the required documents to complete your profile

To register your structure, please to attach some legal documents!

2 pdf sheets can be downloaded from the links below:

Record legal entity
(3 formats are available depending on your legal status)

The financial identification form
Remember: each active link used at the different stages are also to be found in the user manual below
: the stamp and signature of the representative of your bank are required
click here to add documents
STEP 4: Complete the registration of your organisation
After adding the required documents, you must select the programme
a new section is created
it essential that you should inquire these elements in order to submit a file online
Do not forget to confirm this information
: This section should contain information about the person who will sign the official documents.
Choose Erasmus + and click "Update your data"
but it is not finished yet ...
Congratulations! Now it's over :-)
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