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Page Object?WTF?

No description

Ruslan Naumenko

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Page Object?WTF?

Page Object?WTF?
Project with standard selectors
Using Site Prism
Page Object
Ruslan Naumenko
Software Developer in Test
skype: naumerus
Page object its good pattern of web automation.
Make Your code better.
Don't use 'sleep' because every time that U used 'sleep' in world dies one unicorn and cutie kitty. Lets save population of unicorns ) This panda will watch on You.

Step definition file for profile page
Structure of project & feature file for genres
And main painful thing - selectors
Installation of SitePrism:
gem install site_prism
Using SitePrism with Cucumber:
require 'capybara'
require 'capybara/cucumber'
require 'selenium-webdriver'
require 'site_prism'
Page Object file structure and simplest element and sections
How its could applied on practice in step definition file
Working with URL of pages
Interacting with IFrames
Anonymous section
Create a class containing methods that return instances of the pages
Simplest method that we could call by using SitePrism
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