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Of Mice and Men...Nyan Catz

Awesomeness stuff that we had to do in Mrs. Schupp's class for no reason. A story that doesn't deal with mice.

karlye rogers

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Of Mice and Men...Nyan Catz

John Steinbeck was born on February 27, 1902. John Steinbeck worked as laboratory assistant and farm laborer, to support himself for six years at Stanford university. In 1925 he traveled to new york around the time he moved to new york he was getting impressions on his first novel. He moved to California after he had an unsuccessful attempt at his first novel, however he was not discouraged, he wanted to write serious fiction. His second novel To a God Unknown was a success, many critics considered it "his most artistically most satisfying work. His novels are still popular today because it talks about how life was in the early 1900's. Interesting facts about John Steinbeck include he claims to have irish and german ancestry, He has 3 sisters, He graduated high school in 1919. Euthanasia:
The killing (painless) of patients who are suffering from an incurable and painful disease/ an irreversible coma. Mercy Killing Pros and Cons Pros
1. We are all going to dies sooner or later. Why not die now while we can?
2. When you are suffering you would want to die with the medicine, or mercy killings. Cons
1. Sometimes the court got to decide whether or not you got to get a mercy killing.
2. When you do a mercy killing it gets very costly for the families that have to pay. The Great deppression was an economic colapse.
It happened before WW IIIThe Great Deppresion lasted from 1930s to the 1940s. The Great Deppresion Unemployment rose rose to as high as 33% Causes Stock Market Crash
Credit Cards
Black Tuesday
Dust Bowl Stock Market Crash Dust Bowl Black Tuesday Credit cards were being used too much and people couldn't pay their debts.Credit cards were being used too much and people couldn't pay their debts.40% decrease in average income33% unemploymentLiving condition unbearable40% decrease in average income33% unemploymentLiving condition unbearable40% decrease in average income33% unemploymentLiving condition unbearable A series of dust storms through the Great Plains during the mid-30s and caused great destruct to crops. Black Tuesday refers to October 29, 1929, when panicked sellers traded nearly 16 million shares on the New York Stock Exchange (four times the normal volume at the time), and the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell -12%. Credit Cards Credit cards were being used too much and people couldn't pay their debts. Effects of the Great Deppression 40% decrease in average income33% unemploymentLiving condition unbearable
Government Agencies Government Agencies Security
Commission Federal
Corporation A person who travels from one area to another in search of work Migrant Workers Challenges Faced They faced chicken pox, starvation and flea infestation
They worked 24 hour shifts and there was no lighting during the night.
There were no bathrooms and they were not allowed things like toilet paper.
The only thing they had going was the great pay, they were some of the highest paid workers during the Great Depression The Life of a Migrant Worker Hard tiring work
Constantly yelled at because of nativism
Poor living conditions
Outcasted John Steinbeck Mice And Men
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