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Magnetism, Electronegativity, Variable Oxidation state, com

No description

Harvey Buckle

on 23 May 2016

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Transcript of Magnetism, Electronegativity, Variable Oxidation state, com

Magnetism, Electronegativity, Variable Oxidation state, complex and charge, Oxide and water equations, Group trends
To discuss the issues related to the title
Variable Oxidation state of TM's
Succesive ionisation energies

All TM's can lose 2 4S electrons and form +2
Some can lose d electrons also (up to 2)
Hoghets OS is Mn (+7) rare as it banded to O
Complex and charge
Charged igands?
Oxide and water equations
Must know all of them
Magnetic properties of transition elements
Spin-paired electrons lie parallel to each other. This can react to an external magnetic field to INCREASE it...paramagnetic
If ALL electrons are spin paired = diamagnetic

WHat is weak field ligand splitting?
Electronegativity trends
Acoss a period and down a group
Similarities and differences in groups 1 and 7
With water and group 1 with group 7
Test for halide ions
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