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The grassland Biome

No description

Rachel Gilbert

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of The grassland Biome

By: Rachel Gilbert Grassland Location Africa, Americas, Asia & Australia. Climate Grasslands are either Humid &
wet or Humid & dry. Landforms Savanna's, divisions, steppes & prairies. Soil Thin & dry; can support no trees. Concerns Floods, drought, fire, soil, biodiversity & floral diversity. Commensalism: Mites on beetles
Parasitism: Sheep eat round worms.
Plants Bluestem grass, gama grass, buffalo grass, fleabane, indian grass, june grass, milkweed, coneflower & stinging nettle. Animals bald eagle, badger, bobcat, bumble bee, coyote & prairie dog. Biotic Plants & Animals Abiotic Soil, water, climate, sunlight & winds. drain the sources of water for human's own irrigation purposes. Damage Human Pollution Eco-Tourism I would want people to look at the animals. Work Cited 1.www.blue planetbiomes.org/grassland_animals_page.htm Wikapedia.com okanaganokanogan.com nature.org nature.org Roblang.com The End
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