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Grouping Students

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Tyler Trammel

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Grouping Students

This indicator deals with the instructional arrangements of the students during a given lesson. It focuses on how the students will be grouped for the instruction and the activities of the lesson and how they will be held accountable for the work they are expected to complete.

(OCD Foundation, 2009)
-There may be no other instructional strategy that simultaneously achieves such diverse outcomes as cooperative grouping. (Research has given) considerable validation of the use of cooperative learning to achieve diverse outcomes, including achievement, time on task, motivation, transfer of learning, and other benefits.
Descriptors -

- Identify Grouping Students Indicator

- Research on Grouping Students

- Rubric Descriptors

- Group Activity

Working in Groups: That's Amore!
How to Group
Questions to consider when grouping -

Grouping Students Exercise -
7th Science - 79% - 47%
7th Social Studies - 96% - 78%
8th Social Studies - 14%
8th Science - 21%
Anyone want to share success stories or challenges from implementing previous TAP indicators we have learned about during previous cluster meetings?
Identify - Grouping Students Indicator
Research on Grouping Students
Rubric Descriptors
Group Activity
Create a group activity that will hold students
Objective: By the end of this lesson, teachers will develop one collaborative group activity to hold students accountable, resulting in effective Grouping, as measured by the TAP rubric.

-Effective cooperative learning occurs when students work together to accomplish shared goals and when positive structures are in place to support that process.
Johnson and Johnson and Marzano
- The instructional grouping arrangements (either whole class, small groups, pairs, or individual; heterogeneous or homogeneous ability) adequately enhance student understanding and learning efficiency.
- Most students in groups know their roles, responsibilities, and group expectations.
- Most students participating in groups are held accountable for group work and individual work.
- Instructional group composition is varied (e.g. race, gender, ability, and age) to, most of the time, accomplish the goals of the lesson.
Complete the handout -

- Individual Component Grade
- Group Component Grade
- Rubric Grading - box at the bottom

Self - Reflection
Able to cite exactly what you did?
Step by Step directions
Reflect - how could the activity have worked better
Group Roles
- Leader/Facilitator
- Recorder/Note-Taker
- Time Keeper
- Presenter
- Collector
- Devil's Advocate/Harmonizer
- By Steps
Any examples you would like to share?
There must be a rationale for why students are grouped together. There are a variety of grouping patterns, include:

- By heterogeneous or homogeneous grouping
- By demographic balance
- By interest
- By ability to focus
- By ability to communicate
- By language acquisition levels
- By academic 'level'
Assessing Group work
Final Product
Self Assess
- What outcome do I expect students to accomplish by the end of each group session?
- How will I provide quality feedback on progress? By group? By individual?
- How will I record this information in a grade book and/or student record?
- How will I use this information as a formative assessment?
- Is this work expectation appropriate for a small group? Whole group? Individual?
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