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How to Be Safe Online

How to be safe online

Skyler Gravel

on 13 October 2015

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Transcript of How to Be Safe Online

How to Be Safe Online
By: Techsperts

Cyberbullying is online bullying. It's when people or a person make fun of you online like, posting embarrassing photos without permission or not taking them down or saying mean things to your friends about you.
How to Deny A Request
If their is a random person trying to get you to go somewhere to meet them DON'T do it! It can be someone dangerous or someone that want's to harm you. You should only reply to a person that you know. If they aren't people that you want to text with then simply press the block button. If it is on a site like Instagram or kik then just press deny.
Parent Help
You should seek a parent or trusted adult if there is something online that is bothering you, like an ad or cyberbullying itself. Whenever there is something that is bothering make sure that you tell a parent or trusted adult so that the problem gets solved quickly.
Top 10 Rules Of The Internet
give out any of your personal information like your address or age,
ever cyberbully, its not cool.
3. If your signing up for something ask your parent or guardian first.
go on inappropriate web sites.
lie about your age on a web sites.
press on some thing that pops up, it may be a virus.
be smart online.
Read everything
before you play or sign up for anything.
make any purchases unless you have parent or guardian permision.
Be careful
and aware when you look up pictures.
Techsperts ROCKS!
How to stop cyberbullying
Don't be mean on the internet use Common Sense
Think before you send a text or post a picture
Don't have a social media account without you parents permission
Dont send something that you wouldn't want sent to you
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