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Evolution of the pan-European C&I set (pan-European Forum)

Presentation is made for the C&I for SFM pan-European Forum in Vienna (8-9 October 2013). For more information and additional details, please visit the project's website: http://ci-sfm.org

Hubert Inhaizer

on 12 June 2017

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Transcript of Evolution of the pan-European C&I set (pan-European Forum)

Thank you for your attention!

For questions now or later, please contact us:
Evolution of the pan-European C&I set
A core set of 6 criteria and 27 quantitative indicators (MCPFE Expert Level Meeting, Geneva, 1994)

101 descriptive (policy) indicators (MCPFE Expert Level Meeting, Antalya, 1995)
Adoption of the 6 criteria and endorsement of the indicators
Pan-European Criteria, Indicators and Operational Level Guidelines ( 3rd MCPFE, Lisbon, 1998 )

Purpose of the set " as a basis for international reporting and further development of the national indicators" (Lisbon 2 Resolution)

Decision to proceed to implement, continuously review and further improve the indicators
The Improved Pan-European
Indicator Set
Development of the first pan-European criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management (1994-1995)

"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything than counts can be counted"
Albert Einstein
Need for the formulation of scientifically sound criteria and guidelines for the management and sustainable development of all types of forests (UNCED, 1992)

Definition of Sustainable Forest Management in Europe and a decision to develop a C&I for SFM ( 2nd MCPFE, Helsinki, 1993)
The rationale behind
Data collection and data availability (1996-1997)
Testing data availability and data collection for the quantitative indicators (questionnaire)

Reporting on the status of sustainable forest management ( Interim report of the Follow-up of the 2nd MCPFE )

Changing data collection procedures (UNECE/FAO Temperate and Boreal Forest Resources Assessment, 2001)
Improvement of the pan-European indicator set (1999-2001)
A questionnaire on the "Improvement of Pan-European Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management, Data Collection and Reporting" ( 1999)

Independent UNECE/FAO Feasibility study of existing quantitative indicators

MCPFE Work Programme on the Improvement of the pan-European criteria and indicators

A series of four C&I for SFM workshops

Policy developments

Adoption of 6 criteria, 35 quantitative, and 17 qualitative (policy) indicators (MCPFE Expert Level Meeting, Vienna, 2002)

Official endorsement of the improved pan-European indicator set ( 4th MCPFE, Vienna, 2003)

State of Europe´s Forests Report (2003), prepared jointly with UNECE/FAO and MCPFE, and data collection coordinated with the FAO FRA

Developments in the past 10 years (2003-2013)
The seven key thematic elements of sustainable forest management : a global framework for forest assessments (approved by UNFF ), CICI, Guatemala, 2004

Collaborative work towards harmonization, reducing reporting burden and improved communication and coordination among C&I for SFM processes and initiatives (Montreal Process, FAO FRA, ITTO, FOREST EUROPE)

State of Europe´s Forests Report (5th MCPFE, Warsaw, 2007)

State of Europe´s Forests Report (FOREST EUROPE Ministerial Conference, Oslo)

FOREST EUROPE Work Programme : further improvements in forest monitoring and reporting

CI-SFM Project ( 2011- 2013 )

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