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Hyperlocal TV sport

No description

Charlie Mydlarz

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Hyperlocal TV sport

Hyperlocal TV
University of Salford Event footage Captured by small hyperlocal team
Using cheap consumer technology
Very flexible, adaptive, non-threatening
Quick and cheap production process
Multi-media journalists ideal Grassroots sports coverage Hyperlocal team cover all levels
Local paper analogy
Youth sports promotion
Scouting opportunities Presentation Added to BT Visions TV offering
Second screen potential
Channel 8 linear broadcast BT's interest Have pumped in cash to boost their TV offerings
Want to overtake Sky, Virgin etc
Potential for local sports promotion
Modern outlet for local sports news
Will hyperlocal content add value to their existing TV package?
Will BT pay to make this happen?
Upcoming BT slogan: "BT Sport - bringing sport home"
What are we
doing here? Preferences and opinions of hyperlocal sports content and its consumption

Audition produced content - three types
First impressions
Discussion about what worked/failed
Does this enhance existing coverage?
How might this content be consumed?
What style of content would you like to see? “ Online news or content services pertaining to a town, village, single postcode or other
small, geographically defined community.” Hyperlocal media Content
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