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By: Jadyn,Stephanie, and Barron

first sannyasins

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Sannyasins

Sannyasins Sannyasins are people who have gave up or reonouces, their duties
and possessions such as shelter, money, family, etc. to try to know them self.
Sannyains are very religous and use yoga to know their inner self to become united with god.
Others usually come to Syannyains to seek advice, for the service before the others leave they present them with food. About Sannyains Yoga By: Jadyn and Stephanie This is how a girl sannyasins looks. Yoga is somthing that relaxs yourself or as sannyasins say that it
helps you know your inner selfwhich is very immportant.
One body pose is called the cobra and if you look to the left you
see the pose. this is a sannyasins guy Apperance Moksha Sannyasins work to moksha. Moksha is a hindus beilf that they
will be relased from a constant circle of birth, death, and rebirth
and be united with god.
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