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Tv Engineering

No description

Max Dabrowski

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Tv Engineering

TV Engineering
Examples/Round Ideas
Round 1 - Music Played in reverse - A song played in reverse will be played and the panel members have to guess what song it is.

Round 2 - Public Headphones - Members of the public will be stopped in the street and asked what song they are currently listening to. The panel will be asked what genre and specific song they are listening to. (Pre-Recorded)

Round 3 - General Music Knowledge Quiz
The Band
To compliment the show, and set the tone we will be utilizing an in house band which will feature: Vocals, bass, Keys and Drums.
We have used musicians from within the University so we can all sit in on practice sessions and help produce the songs/stings. We don't want the band to dominate the show, just accompany the rounds and help create the "live" environment.
We are using "Later with Jools Holland" as a reference how to interlink a live game show with live music.
The August 2013 edition of Sound on sound magazine has a 6 page article on how the show is produced which has proved invaluable in our pre production stage.
Group 4
Pre - Records
Graphics Research
Camera Techniques
TV Project Presentation
Below are the main factors of our project. In this presentation we will talk you through how all of these fit together and how they all play a role in developing our TV show
Audio and Visual
Inspiration and
The Band
The Crew

Sound Studio:

* Sound Engineer – Rolando and Mark

Studio Floor:

* Floor Manager – Gabriel

* Camera Operators – Nick, Ryan, Joe, Lukasz, Tom

*Additional Crew - Sound Runners, make up, general runners

* Director & Producer – Max

* Assistant Producer – Shaun

* PA – Tom

* Vision Mixer - Adam

* Lighting Operator – Simon/Ryan

* Graphics Playout - Shaun

* Technical Engineer/Server Operator – Martin

Our Idea
Our idea for the show is to incorporate a TV game show, with a live in house band!
The band will supply a live feel to the show, in a similar way to Later with Jools Holland.
The them of the show is to be "on a budget". Obviously It wont be done on a budget but being students we want to play off the fact everything is done on the cheap.

The show takes inspiration from a range of popular UK
game shows, such as Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Q.I,
8 out of 10 cats, and Mock the Week to name some examples
We do want an element of originality, so although we've researched similar shows we do not want to copy them directly.
The show will have a pre-recorded section, this allows for a
more varied structure, breaking up the show and maintaining
an audience interest.
These pr records will give the floor team time to reop cameras/sets.
The pre-record will provide structure for Round 2, taking up the
middle section of the show.
A presenter will be required to lead the show,
which is to have a comedic element to it.
Arrangements have been made for Colin Manford
to present, who previously attended UoS and has
experience in presenting shows at MediaCity on
behalf of the University.
A range of graphics will be designed and pre-saved
before airing of the show. This is to include:
studio monitor visuals,
team text and round information and more.
GFX will be worked on in the weeks between now
and the show using input across the team, and
pre-made by the GFX engineer.
The show will consist of conventional camera operating
found in today's modern game-shows. The studio will
use 5 camera's operated by 4 camera operators.
Below are the shot types:
Camera 1 - Wide shot of the band
Camera 2 - CU shot on the lead vocalist
Camera 3 - Wide shot of studio / tracking presenter
Camera 4 - Shot of Team A
Camera 5 - Shot of Team B
(Repositioning during pre-records and when camera isn't live)
Microphone techniques
Condenser over heads, Spaced Pair.
Dynamic Mics on Snare, toms and Kick
Condenser on hi-hat

DI out

Drum Kit
Dynamic Mic

Alice Gasson
It is the job of the sound team to monitor and mix a number of signals for the program out put.
Not only will they be mixing a live band but also playing back a number of sound effects on specific cues. Some of these sound effects include:
Audience clapping
Audience laughing
Floor Plan & Studio Layout
Different colored lighting schemes for various rounds.
Potentially having each team under a different colour light.
302 will spot individual team members during quiz round
ETC 64 will project GOBO logo onto back wall
2nd round cue 1515 will dim all lights and spot the monitors
TV script sample
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