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Denaturing Proteins

No description

Abby LeDrew

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Denaturing Proteins

Denaturing Proteins
by Sarah Davis and Abby Ledrew

Does temperature have an effect of denaturing proteins?
When the temperature is increased the hydrogen bonds and the between the protein structure begins to break causing the protein to unfold and the activation site to become inactive. The higher the temperature the less time this will take to happen.
Background information:
Controlled variables:
Temperature: the temperature must stay constant, it could affect the rate of denaturing. we will acomeplish this by performing all tests in the same environment and using the thermometer
Same conditions: all of the tests must be done in the same conditions to have accurate results
Same amounts: if we do not use the same amount of eggs it will make the test inaccurate
Same eggs: all eggs must come from the same carton
Same person:the tests must all be performed the same way therefore the same person must do all of them
Manipulated variable:
The different temperatures that the egg whites were tested at these temperatures are used to determine if proteins denature better in hotter or cooler temperatures.
Dependent variable:
the rate at which the egg protein broke down when it was added to different temperature waters
Raw Data:
6 raw eggs
A oven
small pot
candy thermometer
iphone stopwatch
Put 200ml of water into a small pot
separate egg whites from the yolks
Put 15ml of egg whites into the pot
place the small pot on the stove and keep the temperature constant
put candy thermometer into pot
start stop watch
observe and record how long it takes the egg to turn white
repeat with different eggs at different temperatures
Branden, C., and Tooze, J. (1998). Introduction to Protein Structures, 2nd edition. London: Taylor and Francis
Miller, Nick. "The misfolding diseases unfold." Beremans Limited . 2004. http://www.beremans.com/pdf/The_misfolding_diseases_unfold.pdf (accessed 04 09, 2013).
Ophardt, Charles E. "Denaturation of Proteins." elmhurst. 2003. http://www.elmhurst.edu/~chm/vchembook/568denaturation.html (accessed 03 20, 2013).

Proteins (proteios) are microorganisms that are in every living cell. They play important roles in almost every function of a living cell. Protein denaturisation can cause a unfolding within a protein, these unfoldings are caused when a protein is partially denatured by its elements and is refolded improperly.
1. The eggs were on 150 degrees f. The time it took for the eggs to turn white was 04:82. 2 egg whites and 200ml of water

2.The eggs were on 175degrees f. The time it took for the eggs to turn white was 03: 49.17 egg whites and 200ml of water

3..The eggs were on 200 degrees f. The time it took for the eggs to turn white was 02: 10.04 egg whites and 200ml of water

We found out that the higher the temperature was the faster the proteins in the egg broke down, the lower the temperature the slower the eggs broke down. Our Hypothesis was correct.
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