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7 Dimensons of Wellness

No description

Casey Carson

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of 7 Dimensons of Wellness



A Healthy Falcon is a Happy Falcon:
The 7 Dimensions of Wellness





By: Casey Carson & Chelsea Corbitt
Definition: Social Wellness is the ability to relate to and connect with other people in our world.
Are you engaged in the process of social wellness?
Do I plan time to be with my family and friends?
Do I enjoy the time I spend with others?
Are my relationships with others positive and rewarding?
Do I explore diversity by interacting with people of other cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs?

Emotional Wellness is the ability to understand ourselves and cope with the challenges life can bring
Definition: Intellectual Wellness is the ability to open our minds to new ideas and experiences that can be applied to personal decisions, group interaction and community betterment.
An intellectually well person:
Cherishes mental growth and stimulation
Is involved in intellectual and cultural activities
Is engaged in the exploration of new ideas and understandings

A person who has occupational wellness ...

Recognizes their skills as a positive asset

Finds career rewarding and satisfying

Balances work and personal life

Career center
Job search letters
Resume writing
Mock Interviewing
Leadership programs
Workshops or webinars
Job Fair

establish peace and harmony in life
congruency between values and actions
realize a common purpose that binds creation together

Important for everyone to explore what their own sense of meaning and purpose is

Be open to different cultures and religions
Take time to reflect each day or participate in meditation
Give your time to help others
Participate in spiritual activities

Program Examples:
Volunteer/Service groups
Talent show
Random acts of kindness

Practicing Spiritual Wellness

Do I make time for relaxation in my day?
Do I make time for meditation and/ or prayer?
Do my values guide my decisions and actions?
Am I accepting of the views of others?

Spiritual Wellness Quiz:
Recognizing personal responsibility for the quality of air, water and land

Making positive impact on the quality of our environment, in our homes, communities and planet

Carpooling system
Recycling Facts
Used book drive
BGSU Greenhouse
Smoking Education

Maintaining a healthy quality of life that allows us to get through our daily activities without fatigue or physical stress

Adopting healthful habits
routine check ups
balanced diet
avoiding destructive habits
Social Wellness Activities in BG:
Volunteering (MLK Day, Senior Center, President's Day, etc)
Spending time with friends (eating dinner together, watching a movie, shopping, bowling etc)
Participating in group activities (going to athletic events, team recreational activities,student organizations, and residence life programs)

Promoting Physical Wellness
A trip to Outtakes
Healthy cooking demonstration
The Wellness Connection
Peer Education presentations
Condom sense program
Smoking & Tobacco use
Exercise oriented programming
Contact Information
Casey Carson: clcarso@bgsu.edu
Chelsea Corbitt: ccorbit@bgsu.edu
Wellness in College

How can you improve personal wellness while also promoting wellness through your position?

What is your strongest dimension?
Your weakest?

Refer back to quiz throughout presentation to learn strategies for improvement

Emotional Wellness implies the ability to:
Be aware of and accept our feelings, rather than deny them
Have an optimistic approach to live
Express feelings freely and manage feelings effectively
Express emotions appropriately
Adjust to change
Cope with stress in a healthy way
Enjoy life despite its occasional disappointments and frustrations
Balance of the wellness dimensions
Personal wellness vs. helping others
Definitions of a certain dimension may differ
Improve weaker dimensions
Use strengths to lead team

Any Questions?
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