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China Presentation

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Natalie Xiangfenn

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of China Presentation

Natalie & Rianto People's Republic of China Land Mass Area China's Region : Time Zone : - Currency relatives to US$ Video of China :- Works Citation China : 1,344,130,000 1 Chinese Yuan = 0.16 US Dollar China Map Cities Province Physical Characteristics 9,569,901.0 sq km Malaysia : 328,657.0 sq km GDP Gross Domestic Product 2007 2009 2008 3,494,055,944,791 4,521,827,288,304 4,991,256,406,735 2010 5,930,529,470,799 2011 7,318,499,269,769 CHINA CANADA MALAYSIA China is 13:0 hours ahead of Canada Example : 2:00 PM Canada is 13 hours behind China . Example: 1:00AM Same time with China. Example : 2:00PM Population in China :- Capital City :- Languages Spoken :- Religion(s) :- Climate : Seasons : Government : Hu Jintao Organization : East Asia Beijing City -2011- Mandarin Buddhism ,Taoism, Catholicism, Christianity , Islam . 4 Seasons Temperature : Unique Condition : - Communist State Moonsoons Condition Typhoons Condition
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