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Game of Thrones

No description

Sheen Kachroo

on 4 April 2015

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Transcript of Game of Thrones

All I Really Need to Know About Management I Learned From
"Game of Thrones"

Develop organizational structure - the framework within which effort is coordinated
Allocating human resources to ensure accomplishment of objectives
Form, design and strategy of organization
Ensuring that performance does not deviate from standards
Establish standards
Compare performance to standards
Take corrective action

Establish Standards
Daenerys measures her managerial performance bases on people's quality of life

Compare Performance to Standards
Performance was not meeting her expectations

Take Corrective Action
Rules the city to implement stability
Transformational Leader
Inspirational Motivation
Intellectual Stimulation
Individualized Concern
Strategic - tracking and detecting problems
Daenerys has a counsel to help her
Strategic allows you to look at the bigger picture and see if performance is aligning to goals
Her ultimate goal is to be able to rule the kingdom and be an inspirational leader
Concurrent control- monitoring and adjusting processes
Formulation and implementation of strategy
Setting objectives and determining a course of action for them
3 part process:
Vision & mission
Goals & objectives
Intended Strategy
Robb Stark marries Lord Frey's daughter
Emergent Strategy
Opportunity to continue alliance if Edmure Tully marries Lord Frey's daughter instead
Realized Strategy
Betrayal of Lord Frey & downfall of the Starks
POLC Framework
Traits Associated with Leadership
Open to experience
Self Esteem
Organizational Structure & Culture
Gives more authority to her people, resulting in a sense of empowerment
Greater level of fairness

Creating cultural change
Social and informal sources of influence that people use to inspire action taken by others
Feedback Loop - controlling leads back to planning
Organizational Control
Levels of Control
Types of Control
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