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The Reform Movements:1800s

Ch. 15

Michelle Barker

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of The Reform Movements:1800s

Mentally Ill thrown in prison with criminals
Orphans / Delinquents = prison with criminals
Deplorable conditions = NASTY! (page 484) ABOLITION OF
Social Dysfunction
Abuse of wife and children REFORMS OF THE 1800s change is acoming...
Houses of Refugee (juvenille homes /orphanages)
Mental Asylums / Mental Hospitals
Effort to Reform and Educate Children
Move from punishment -- rehabilitation and reform (Bible) IMPORTANT PEOPLE: Dorothea Dix &Josiah Quincy OUTCOMES:
11 States opened hospitals
Many towns opened juneville homes & orphanages GOALS:Ban Slavery; Emancipation; Equality?? IMPORTANT PEOPLE:
Harriet Tubman
Sojourner Truth
Fredrick Douglas
Elijah Lovejoy
The Grimke Sisters OUTCOMES: Underground RR=thousands to safety
Emancipation Proclamation 1862; 13th & 14th Amendments (1865/1866) 100 years of segregation until MLK Jr. GOALS:Ban / prohibit sale and consumption of Alcohol
(Make it illegal) IMPORTANT PEOPLE:
Women's Rights Personalities
& Religious Leaders (2nd Great Awakening) OUTCOMES:MA passed 15 Gallons Law
Prescription for alcohol
Maine banned manufacture/sale
Prohibition Era in the 20th Century
18th Amendment (1919)
21st Amendment (1933) repealed 18th EDUCATION REFORM GOALS:Universal (same) Public Education
Support w/ tax $$
Raise standards across nation (blind, deaf, black, female) PROBLEM:No public education (except NE) Very few colleges
Education = Wealthy and varied OUTCOMES:Public Schools Built
Most kids went until 8th grade and took exit exam
High School = Higher Education WOMEN'S RIGHTS PROBLEM: In 1845 WOMEN were not allowed to have the kinds of
careers and opportunities they have today. Many men thought women should stay quietly at home. Very few legal rights
Women were their Father / Husband's property! (Remember the video "Losing the Bill of Rights" when they told the Dr. to put his "property on the cart?" GOALS:Right to Vote/Own Property/
Right to keep earnings $$/Hold Public Office/College Education IMPORTANT PEOPLE:
Susan B. Anthony
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Lucretia Mott
Lucy Stone OUTCOMES:Rights received f/ West to East
19th Amendment (1920)/1964 Civil Rights Act CHECK OUT SPARKNOTES.COM CHAPTER 15 IMPORTANT PEOPLE: Horace Mann PROPAGANDA LITERATURE, ART & SCIENCE Second Great Awakening Biggest impact among women New Religious Groups Formed (like the Shakers
and the Mormons) Can you name a woman who's made a difference in the history of our country? A reawakening of faith and social feeling happened again in the early 1800s. Remember this happened a 100 years earlier? Turn away from sin, renew your faith in God and this will cure society of evil doings. Social Reforms Socialism introduced Ch.15 Watch this and listen to the song.
Be able to discuss why songs like this were important. Use your column notes to study. Q: How did these areas influence American life?
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