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Classroom Decoration DIY

HAPPY Hour Showcase 2013

Meagan Hoopingarner

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of Classroom Decoration DIY

Reading Organization! DIY Decorations
for the Classroom:
Doable and Discounted! Exploring the exciting and fun side of preparing for the school year! Displaying Content Student Encouragement Meagan Hoopingarner
HAPPY Hour Showcase January 25, 2013 Use folders taped on the wall for individual students and see who has turned in homework at one glance! Over the door shoe holders are great for SO many things-art supplies, disciplinary boards, math manipulative, and more. Large plastic storage bins can be used for month by month storage for things like books sets that will be used later, etc. Attach cups to the wall using Velcro to store art supplies, students' items, or whatever else you can think of! If your chairs do not fit properly around your "kidney" group work tables, plastic buckets that have a seat cushion attached to them can work as well. Tips for a Great Classroom A great way to both display and store your class book sets or books that you just want to be protected is to put them in clear sheet protectors and hang them up with small metal rings-so easy! To decorate your classroom for the seasons while incorporating language arts, have the children read a book related to the holiday around the corner. Then ask them to create a character from construction paper, and write the characters personality characteristics on the back and why they are that way. Instantly, you have festive decorations and the children have learned about how to relate to characters! A wonderful idea that can be modified is to use rain gutters hung horizontally on the wall can be used instead of an average book shelf that might take up more room. You could also use long wall shelves wit a lip and get the same effect. (Left) The very first website listed on your handout is a wonderful resource that shows you how to take ANY character, blow it up as large as you need it to, and use it to display in your classroom! This is a great site for those of us who are not as artistic as the illustrator who created the character... ha! Use plastic table cloths over and over to cover your bulletin board Classroom doors are always fun-they can be used to remind the students of what book or theme you are focusing on for a few weeks Simple way to reinforce time with your students-make a classroom job for a student to change the clocks each day to the corresponding time-display the numerical time under each clock and eventually through the year take them away. For younger students still learning, put the 5-minute increments on your classroom clock Always display a "what to do next" board so that students are always learning....switch out certain items for things that must take higher priority. Consider displaying in a more interchangeable manner Let the students know that you believe in them-this is both fun AND personal. Something they will remember for years to come about their favorite teacher! Use your resources at your school (i.e. die cuts, large amounts of colored paper, etc.) to create a board that displays your students' names and tells them that you think they are great in various ways! What's better to them than their very own picture and birthday displayed for the world to see? And all it took was a digital camera and a quick stop at the drugstore! Use a dry erase board and change the word every day! Students will look forward to seeing what it is, they will start out the day on a positive note, and they will build their vocabulary! Another encouragement board idea *Always use the resources available at your school - ask around, explore, find out what you are free to use

*Get creative! Don't be afraid to take risks outside of your comfort zone

*Seek others - teachers always steal ideas and it is perfectly acceptable if not encouraged!

*Thrift, garage sales, and warehouse sales - always winners

*Use the resources I have given you and find some of your own
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