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The Rhetoric of Advertisements

Class assignment for McMurtry English 2 Pre-AP Analyzing advertisements for ethos, pathos, logos

Margret Tumbokon

on 25 February 2011

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Transcript of The Rhetoric of Advertisements

The Rhetoric of Advertisments The Audience Pathos The Speaker Ethos The Purpose Logos is to convince the audience that the ipad is worth buying. is Apple, the company that produces the ipad. Apple's ethos comes from it's identity. It has produced many quality products that are uniquely Apple. They have a signature style in their products and their commercials; they use the same format and song. The commercial shows the versatility of the ipad and all of the useful and entertaining things it can be used for, all of which gives people a practical reason to buy the ipad. Claim Apple is claiming that the ipad is useful and entertaining product for anyone. is composed of working people and parents. The commercial uses a simple catchy beat to attract attention, and without lyrics, it is unlikely to be associated with a message, band, style, or genre, all of which can put off viewers. It includes the "learning", "scientific", and "magical" because they appeal to parents, since it means the ipad is child-friendly. Claim The Audience The Speaker The Purpose McDonnalds is claiming that the caramel mocha is a new and tasty flavor many enjoy. is composed of young people similar to the ones in the commercial. Pathos The commercial uses a catchy song and amusing dance routine to capture attention and amuse the audience, making them amenable to the claim. The dance routine is very unique and thus maks the commercial memorable and a conversation piece. Also, by including young people clearly enjoying the beverage, the commercial makes the drink look more appealing. is McDonalds, a very well-known fast food chain. It has been and is still criticized on its unhealthy menu. Recently, it began adding cafe items to its regular fare. The actors also count as speakers. Ethos McDonalds builds ethos in this commercial by having a variety of actors appear to enjoy the caramel mocha. It makes McDonalds appear inviting and appealing to a varied crowd, as well as credible. Also the dancing couple add credibility due to their unique act which makes McDonalds look like a place for talented people. is to attract the audience to McDonalds' McCafe. Logos The entire dance routine and the obvious enjoyment of the beverage is part of logos. It shows the audience that if the people in the commercial enjoyed it, then they surely will. There is also the simple fact that it is an advertisement for a new flavor, thus giving the audience a new reason to go to McDonalds. Claim Carrol Johns Flooring is claiming that homeowners can purchase new flooring at a bargain. The Speaker The Audience The Purpose is Carrol Johns Flooring, a flooring company located in DFW. is composed of homeowners in the DFW area, as they would be the only ones who want new flooring and can purchase it. is to entice the audience to buy flooring from Carrol Johns Flooring. Ethos Pathos Logos The company builds credibility with the "Angies List" and "BBB Accredited Business" stamps. It makes the company seem real and recommended by respected groups. By using the picture of a baby crawling on their carpet, the speaker appeals to parental instincts and the cuteness effect. They also use pictures of attractive model rooms to encourage the audience to want new flooring. The primary logos is the discount offered on new flooring, and by stating that "name brand flooring" will be on sale, the appeal of the flooring is heightened. Claim Covergirl and Queen Latifah claim that the Exact Eyelights Collection is the perfect way to individualize and highlight eyes. The Speaker is not only Covergirl but also Queen Latifah, both iconic to fashion and well-known to the audience. There was also America's Next Top Model Petite winner Nicole featured. Ethos As a well-renowned makeup company, Covergirl speaks for itself. All Covergirl commercials end with the characteristic line "easy, breezy, Covergirl," which is a line the audience is well-acquainted with from other Covergirl commercials. There is also Queen Latifah, a famous actress with little scandal and a positive image. She adds credibility to Covergirl's claim because she looks beautiful and credits her highlighted eyes to Covergirl's product. She also especially appeals to black women as she is one herself. Also, many women have been following Nicole after ANTM and would have looked for this commercial to see her specifically. ANTM winners are usually quite popular. The Audience The Purpose Logos Pathos is composed of working women, ranging from mid-twenties to late-thirties, especially those who also watched America's Next Top Model. Queen Latifah stresses that the Exact Eyelights Collection is the way to individualize the audience's eyes. This strikes a chord in working women who want to stand out even though they have to wear reserved office attire. In a society where the individual is stressed, this speaks to women who want to be apart from the crowd and revel in their uniqueness. It makes the audience proud of their different eyes and want to highlight that with Covergirl products. The appearance of ANTM winner Nicole adds to the audience's attentiveness to the ad, since ANTM winners are closely watched for and liked. is to persuade women to embrace their individuality and use the Exact Eyelights Collections to enhance that. Covergirl builds logos by showing before and after clips of eyes without the makeup and with the makeup. It shows the audience how their eyes can look with the Exact Eyelights. They also point out that everyone has different eyes and there are different types of Exact Eyelights Collections with which to individualize eye makeup, so everyone has something to buy. In addition, the metallic particles are mentioned to make the audience understand the difference between this and other makeup, making the claim that the makeup will brighten eyes more credible. Claim The Speakers The Purpose The Audience Logos Ethos Pathos The speaker claims that Yoplait light yogurts are not only delicious but also help lose weight. is Yoplait and the actress they hired. is to persuade the audience to buy and eat Yoplait yogurt. is composed of young to middle-aged women seeking to lose weight. Yoplait builds ethos by hiring a thin average-looking actress play the part of a married woman who just lost weight. She looks the way the audience wants to look and is thus more credible. Yoplait is also an already popular yogurt brand, and that speaks for itself. The speakers play on the audience's desire to lose weight by using a thin actress. By reciting a list of deserts, which are by nature attractive, it gives the audience a feeling of hunger, so the audience will want to eat the yogurt. There is also the man searching for desert which amuses the audience and makes the commercial memorable as humor is always an audience favorite. Logos is primarily built on the appearance of the actress. Since she looks thin and credits it to the yogurt, the audience will assume that eating the yogurt will make them thin. This is enhanced by statement that the yogurt has only a hundred calories. Since the audience wants to lose weight, this draws them into buying it. In addition, it is also stated that there are "fourteen delicious flavors" which appeals to the audience because it means that there is variety. By Margret Tumbokon The End Hope you Enjoyed! --Margret Tumbokon
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