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class 7 science quiz

No description

shubham nahata

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of class 7 science quiz

Rules and Regulations
1. There will be 7 rounds in all.
2. The answers must be loud, clear and specific.
3. There will be no passing in any of the rounds.
4. A time limit of 30 seconds will be given to answer the questons.
5. There will be no negative marking in any of the rounds except the last round i.e Rapid Fire.
6. Only the first answer will be considered.
7. The decisions of the Quiz Masters will be final.
Round 2
Round 3
Class 7 Science Quiz
General Science
Question 1
who discovered the fungus responsible for the production of world's first antibiotic penicillin??
Alexander flemming
Question 2
Who is also known as the father of microbiology ??
Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
Question 3
He is known to discover the positive and negative charges?
Benjamin Franklin
Question 4
He was the first person to observe plants and fossils under a microscope and termed the name"cell". Who is he?
Robert Hooke
Question 5
Who discovered the process of vaccination?
Edward Jenner
Question 6
identify the photo

Question 7
identify the photo

Question 8
identify the photo

Question 9

identify the photo

Question 10
identify the photo

Question 1
Which non- metal remains liquid at room temperature.
Question 2
Which non- metal conducts electricity?
Question 3
Unit of measuring the amplitude of sound is?
Question 4
Washing soda is the common name of -
Sodium Carbonate
Question 5
Name the process in which a coating of zinc is applied to prevent the metal from corrosion?
Question 6
What is the common name of Ca(OH)2?
Slaked lime
Question 7
Permanent hardness of water can be removed by adding which substance ??
Washing Soda
Question 8
in fireworks the green flame is produced by ??
Question 9
Which is the lightest metal ?
Question 10
Which is the densest metal on earth?
Question 1
The study of planets with the help of their chemical composition and their physical state is known as
Question 2
The study of structure of animals and their parts is known as
Question 3
Give the scientific name of cockroach
Question 4
The study of fungi is known as
Question 5
The respiration through gills is known as
Branchial Respiration
Question 6
The respiration through lungs is known as
Pulmonary Respiration
Question 7
The functional unit of kidney is
Question 8
Which acid does apple contains?
Malic Acid
Question 9
Which is the largest part of brain ?
Question 10
Who discovered the vaccine for rabies ?
Louis Pasteur
Round 4
Question 1
Why alimentary canal in herbivores is longers as compared to carnivores ??
For the digestion of cellulose
Question 2
Why fuse have a low melting point ?
If the current exceeds its normal limit then the fuse will melt and break the circuit which will prevent the damage of electrical appliances .
Question 3
Why is sodium kept in kerosene ?
Sodium being highly reactive it reacts vigrously when it comes in contact with air.
Question 4
Why gold dosen't displaces hydrogen in dilute acid ??
Gold is less reactive than hydrogen so it dosen't displaces it in it's aquous solution .
Question 5
Why cinema halls have curved cielings?
So that the sound reaches every corner of the hall by multiple reflection or reverberation.
Round 5
Round 6
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Video 2
Video 3
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