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Science 8 .

Georgia Hamm

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Cells

Cells Prokaryotic cells The Prokaryotic cell is something you would find in a animal cell and not in the plant cell. An example of what a prokaryotic is : cyanobacteria and bacteria found in the Monera kingdom the shapes in this cell can be very different such as a spherical,spiral and a rod shape Prokaryotic cells are cells that the nucleus will not be surrounded by a membrane Cell theory The cell theory is and idea that all the living things are very composed of one or more cells. Also all of the new cells always arise only from a cell that is already existing Eukaryotic cells Here is a diagram on a prokaryotic cell
look at all the names and see if you find anything different or cool!!! Again here is a diagram on the Eukaryotic cells and try and find something you notice in it!! Eukaryotic cells are cells that always have a nucleus around it and also surrounded by a nuclear membrane Fun facts Eukaryotic cells are cells that have a nuclear membrane Both the eukaryotic cell and the prokaryotic cell have a nucleus!! Animal and plant cells have these HAVING FUN?!?!?!?! cell wall HERE COMES SOME SUPER COOL DIAGRAM! Think about the cell wall .....? What do you think the cell wall does?
What do you think there in?
Do all cells have them? What the cell does is it supports and protects the plant cell!!!
They could be in many things such as trees, flowers and plants!
Most of all the cells have cell walls but some only have 1 layer of it and other have 2! The cell wall is a cell that protects and supports a plant cell. For example some minerals can sometimes pass through the openings and in the cell wall. Cell membrane HERE IS ANOTHER ONE! you just saw some diagrams of a cell membrane! What is a cell membrane? The cell membrane is just like a gatekeeper it holds the contents of the cell. As well as being like a gate keeper but it is also consist of the double layer of fat molecules Definition of a cell membrane Cell membranes are of course a double layer of fat molecules. This holds the contents of the cell in place. It also controls the movement of materials into and out of the cell. CYTOPLASM Lets go! A cytoplasm is watery fluid that contains everything inside the cell
membrane and as well as the outside of the nucleus, where many of the cells chemicals activities take place there. INTERESTING FACTS Those were some diagrams for cytoplasm Organelle ORGANELLE The organelle is a tiny structure that is within the cytoplasm of a cell. Those were some diagrams on the organelle NUCLEUS NUCLEUS NUCLEUS NUCLEUS NUCLEUS NUCLEUS Nucleus The nucleus is a cell structure which is in animal cell and a plant cell.The nucleus is the control center and what it does id directs the cells to do there activates Nucleus Cell nucleus Plant nucleus Animal Nucleus You see how the nucleus is usually always the same shape, and is most likely in the middle. Always remember that the nucleus is the control center. FACT! Nuclear membrane Here is a diagram on the nuclear membrane Nuclear membrane This membrane is surrounding the nucleus of the Eukaryotic cell.Its job is to separate the nucleoplasm from the cytoplasm. It is also double layered. Chromosomes Chromosomes The chromosome is a structure that is in a cell which DNA in contained. as well it can contain genetic information.This information holds " construction plans". This is for all the pieces of the cell. This is the chromosome! Chromosome Those were some diagrams on the chromosome
As you could see they pretty much are the same shape and look very similar! chloroplast The plant cell structure is what we call chloroplast Molecules are contained in the cell. These molecules have green pigments and we call this chlorophyll. We can find chloroplast in plant cells.The chloroplast can be found in the food factories in the plant cell. That was a diagram for the chloroplast Chlorophyll Chlorophyll Chlorophyll Chlorophyll Chlorophyll Chlorophyll Chlorophyll Chlorophyll Chlorophyll Chlorophyll Chlorophyll Chlorophyll Chlorophyll Chlorophyll Chlorophyll Chlorophyll Chlorophyll The molecules are absorbed from sunlight this is using energy for synthesise carbohydrates. Chlorophyll is in plant cells. This is a very important thing! The sythesise carbohydrates from water as well. Ribosomes Ribosomes is a organelle that is very small/tiny If you can see in the diagrams i'm giving you that the ribosomes are rough and look like a circular shape. I hope you like the ribosomes! It uses information that is coming from the molecules which is from the cytoplasm which is producing proteins and the nucleus This is a diagram on the ribosomes Endoplasmic reticulum Endoplasmic reticulum "The Endoplasmic reticulum is the series of folded membranes" There is a smooth and rough Endoplasmic reticulum The rough carries many ribosomes attached to it The smooth carries no ribosomes attached to it Diagrams on smooth and rough endoplasmic reticulum Mitochondria MITOCHONDRIA Is a rod-shaped and circular organelle.
These cells are the power plant cells. Making energy go into the cells Golgi apparatus A organelle that is a cell which is packaging proteins by storing them. Plant diagram Animal diagram Those were some diagram of the Golgi apparatus. Lysosomes Lysosomes LYSOSOME Special proteins are contained in the lysosome. The proteins make the big molecules go into small molecules.As well as it is an organelle and the Golgi apparatus forms it. This happens to control the cytoplasm and as well to clean it. You can find this organelle
in both animal and plant cell.
That was a diagram on the lysosmes Food Vacuoles FOOD VACUOLES This food vacuole is when the food vacuole ingested. and the digested and that is called membrane-bound vacuole.

Those were some point on the food vacuole Water Vacuoles That was some diagrams on the water vacuole Water Vacuoles The Water Vacuole is a watery fluid going on in the plant cell. Has lots of water. Its a very important part in the plant cell.
What is the difference between the
plant and animal cell? Well lets state some facts Plant cell Animal cell look at the differences The plant structures are:
Cell wall
The animal structures are:
Cell membrane
Those were some structures that you would find in the animal and plant cell.

The plant cell can contain some of the features as the animal cell but allot can not. Only about 3 or 4 would be the same. Some times many people think that the plant cell has no cell membrane, but i does! its just very tiny and hard to see. The animal cell is very different from the plant cell. It has allot of structures that the plant cell does not have/contains.All the animal cells you could look at would always have a cell membrane and the nucleus, the nucleus is the control center for the animal cell. Those were some facts about animal and plant cells Thanks for watching my prezi on cells for science 8 i hoped you enjoy learning about it as much as i am/did. I hope you will enjoy the video coming up!!! -THE END- by:Georgia Hamm
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