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How Relevant is Shakespeare today?

English 10-1 IB project on Romeo and Juliet and its relevancy in today's life

Chandrima Gupta

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of How Relevant is Shakespeare today?

How Relevant is
Shakespeare today? Shakespeare is undoubtedly relevant today. The real question is in what ways? There are many examples in just Romeo and Juliet alone, let alone all the other plays Shakespeare has written. One example is Shakespeare's insight on family feuds and their effects on others, his insight on love, specifically forbidden love. Who would have thought that the same principle that Shakespeare used 5 centuries ago would still apply today? And that is the brilliancy of William Shakespeare! Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is not just relevant in the English society but everywhere around the world. It is known and loved by so many people. Movies, books, songs, etc. are still made on it around the world and the fact that these movies that seem to hold so much connection to Romeo and Juliet are based on real life situations only adds further proof to how relevant Shakespeare really is today, or more specifically his Romeo and Juliet.

- portrays the passionate and rebellious love story of two very defiant individuals Parma Chauhan and Zoya Qureshi.

- They come from two different families that have been at odds with each other for generations. Their families are political and religious rivals that create havoc in the city of Almore in northern India.

- Parma being a hindu and Zoya a muslim only adds fuel to the fire.

- Though in the beginning of the movie Parma and Zoya despised each other to no end, they eventually looked past that and began to love each other ardently and passionately. By Chandrima Gupta and Sana Khurram One such movie that is based on a real life situation is a Bollywood movie, Ishaqzaade which means rebellious lovers. An Introduction to our presentation

Our presentation is in the form of a puppet show that shows the story of Ishaqzaade. It takes the format of a news report by pretending that the events of Ishaqzaade happened in real life. We chose to do a news report because it portrays the high possibility of this actually happening in real life in the India-Pakistan region. Reminder: Ishaqzaade means 'rebellious lovers'
Arranged marriages in the Indian subcontinent began around the fourth century.

They helped people to prevent inter religion and inter caste relationships.

They helped to maintain the social satisfaction system in the society, much like in 16th century England.

When Romeo and Juliet was written, arranged marriages were prevalent among the wealthy. It helped them to keep their status and add to their wealth by combining two families. - run away to prevent Parma's family from killing Zoya and they hide out for a while

- then decide to go to Zoya's family but they are only met with hostility and gunshots as her own family attempts to kill them.

- escape the clutches of her family with plans to leave the city but are once again caught in a run/chase this time by both Parma and Zoya's family working together to kill them.

- They engage in a gunfire battle and realizing they are hopelesly outnumbered, take refuge in a college and become trapped on the terrace by being surrounded by all sides.

-They make the split second decision to make love victorious and decide to take their own lives instead of having to die by the hands of hatred.

- willingly shoot each other and die laughing in each other's arms. The two families finally civilly acknowledge each other and it is inferred that the fire of the feud has died down. Ishaqzaade "Born to hate, destined to love" Some Background Information South Asian Cultures tend to view arranged marriages as more acceptable and proper.

In Romeo and Juliet's time, this was also the case. Juliet's family wanted her to marry Paris and they had even set a day and time for the marriage despite the fact that Juliet clearly did not agree. Lord Capulet got really angry when Juliet refused because he clearly expected Juliet to obey him.

Parma's and Zoya's family was angry in a similar way. They expected their kids to listen to them. Instead they got kids that fell in love with the one person they were supposed to hate.

So, the hot-headedness of the families is partially due to their view about love and arranged marriages. The other was due to the old enmity between the hindus and muslims which goes way back. The End
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