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Introducing Inside Malaysia

This Prezi describes what is "Inside Malaysia", why is it important and how to use and exploit the information in Inside Malaysia.


on 2 July 2014

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Transcript of Introducing Inside Malaysia

Why Inside Malaysia
How do I use Inside Malaysia
What is Inside Malaysia
Inside Malaysia is a repository of news items related to the economy, business activities and related government policies and initiatives that will directly impact the economic and social well-being of the nation.
The Inside Malaysia "Content Model" provides the framework for the information resources to be included, organized and managed in the information repository.
Information Resources
The viewpoints are analysis and evaluation of the news items in the repository related to the identified stories. They should help the readers by providing insights and background information about the stories.
Other resources
There are many informative reports such as the Auditor General's report, reports from Royal Commissions, government white papers, etc. These reports will be decomposed and incorporated into the repository.
Themes or Categories
In Trouble
Press releases, business events, investments, business deals and transactions. The business news will be grouped into various industry sectors.
Government communications, initiatives and policies. Government news will also be grouped into various industry sectors.
Political news related to the economy and government fiscal policies, finance, projects, subsidies and other activities.
Large and mega projects proposed, planned, implementing or implemented and the progress reports and related news.
Business related criminal or civil charges, lawsuits, court hearings and orders, warnings, raids, bankruptcy, etc.
Environmental Impact Assessment and actual impacts on the natural environment related to business activities.
The information resources are posted against one or more categories as part of the management process and for ease of reference by the users.
News reports are said to be a record of history as it happens. Unfortunately, an isolated news item may not be meaningful as the story may have evolved over a long period of time.
People are an important part of the business environment. Not all people are newsworthy. For Inside Malaysia, they are people with money, power or influence on the business, social and political systems.
Categories of people
Corporate leaders
Civil society leaders
Other stakeholders
Organizations are also an important part of the business environment. For Inside Malaysia, newsworthy organizations are organizations with money, authority or influence over the business and social systems.
Categories of Organizations
Government departments and agencies
Government linked companies
Statutory bodies
Civil societies
Political parties
To help the readers make sense of the news items, related news items will be grouped together as part of a story.
Types of stories
Government policies,
Government incentives,
Development plans,
Mega projects,
Sick projects,
criminal activities and
Status of stories
Just because we are literate, it does not mean that we are information literate. Inside Malaysia is designed to promote information literacy. No information should be read in isolation. The system helps the user to see the big picture and at the same time zoom into the details.

You can read more about information literacy in Wikipedia (http://bit.ly/gcSsv8).
This section shows the people, organizations and stories in the current news.
Here the user have access to the quick links and other resources of Inside Malaysia.
The home page
Network visualization
of a Person
All these connections can be viewed as a network together with other structural objects.
To view the network, click on the "Show network" hyperlink. The drop-down form will be displayed for you to select the classes to be included.

A graph visualization program is required to view the results of the network. Two file formats are supported:
.gext for Gelphi, and
.vna for Netdraw.
We will use Dr. Mahathir Mohamad (http://bit.ly/ez4wgL), former Prime Minister of Malaysia as our example.
Inside Malaysia provides a very rich and novel interface for you to explore the information repository. It recognizes that people will want to view the same information from different perspectives.
We will use the Port Klang Free Trade Zone Project as the example of a story. This project is an evolving scandal involving billions of ringgits, many prominent individuals and organizations.
News Item
Preview of news item
Download hyperlink.
You need to register with Inside Malaysia before you can download the PDF document.
This shows the network filing of the news item against the Information Architecture. The mapping of the news item against the Information Architecture uses the document metadata and the entities extracted using Open Calais.
OpenCalais extracted entities. These need to be manually edited to remove spurious information.
OpenCalais is a web service provided by Thomson Reuters.
We now look at a typical news item.
Interactive List Processing
First we search for the word "Bank" in Inside Malaysia. This will return a list of hits
In most websites, you are now left to read the various hits returned in the search result.
In Inside Malaysia, you can group this the results by various relationships available.
For this demo, we select "Conglomerates".
After we click the "Execute" button, this is what we will get.
A novel feature of Inside Malaysia is the ability to process list interactively. This applies to any list, not just the search list demonstrated.
If we now change the grouping to "In Trouble" we get the following:
There is much more to Inside Malaysia than it meets the eye. Do visit us at (http://insidemalaysia.net) and spend some time to explore the nexus perspective of the business environment of Malaysia and discover for yourselves what is really Inside Malaysia!
The sitemap shows the structural objects in Inside Malaysia i.e. the Information Architecture. The sitemap provides an overview of the repository as it is generated dynamically by the system.

The numbers in a parenthesis show the number of information resources posted against them. This provides an indication of what we know and what we don't.
This screen shows the related viewpoints and opinions.
You can view more information about the project by click the "More information" hyperlink.
There is also a Wikipedia link
And a static Google Map
If you want more information about this person, you can click "More information" and the following information will be displayed.
There is a hyperlink to the source.
News items
News items are the key resources to be compiled in the repository. Only news items that are considered newsworthy in the context of the objectives of Inside Malaysia will be included.
We can view the news items related to the story sorted by year. Here the first news item is in 2004.
Introducing Inside Malaysia
Inside Malaysia also uses the web services listed.
The information included in Inside Malaysia will be published information from established news sources and other publications such as the Auditor General's Report.
Inside Malaysia seeks to provide the platform for Malaysian to be able to learn from the success and failures of these initiatives and activities so that the country can transform into a progressive, developed and sustainable nation.
Content Model
National Memory
To be meaningful, the reader must have access to all the available news and other information related to the story. These will, however, take a long time to read and digest.
To make sense of these news items expediently, the readers need the ability to process the list of news items, e.g. to sort the news items based on the time line, view a list of the people and organizations involved in the story and to filter the news items based on these facets or pre-identified key information.
Essentially, it is a national memory that must be made more
accessible, usable and exploitable.
Promoting Information Literacy
We can also look at the other people in the same news items by viewing the "People" tab page. Don't forget, this is business news only, not politics.
Similarly we can look at the organizations in the same news items.
This is the page for a person monitored in Inside Malaysia. The first tab page shows the news items sorted by year.
Stories are what make the difference in Inside Malaysia. It puts the news in context.
We can view the related people in the same news items.
Similar to "People" we can see all the organizations mentioned in the related news items.
Graph visualization using Gephi
Graph viz using Gephi
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