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michelle kirby

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Blackrock

Black Rock
Raped by 3 boys and murdered at a party.
Matthew Grant Webster (Ricko)
Was 18
The Play
Robyn Leigh
'Leigh Leigh'
North Stockton Beach, Newcastle
14 years old.
Convicted of sexual assault and murder
1990 sentences to 20 years jail
Released on parole in 2004 =
14 years.
2005 charged with assault.
"She was raped, kicked, and spat upon, then raped again. Strangled and finally bashed to death with a rock. There's evidence as many as ten young men aged between 15 and 19 participated in the attacks, but only three were charged... "
Nick Enright on Blackrock
Based on event, not characters.
Jarrod's character = symbolic.
Written for teenagers
This play revolves around violence. The act of gang rape is the most obvious example of violence and needs little explanation. Aside from this; the way the boys speak to one another and especially the female characters is often an example of verbal violence. They use words to verbally degrade those around them.

Several characters had the opportunity to prevent the rape and death of ‘Tracey’ and chose to do nothing. Jared saw the rape, heard a confession from her killer and did not act on either occasion. He did not go to the police, he did not condemn any of the boys involved nor did he support them. Jarred is the primary example of inaction. His inaction torments him, causing him to lash out at both his mother and Rachel, his youth and loyalty to ‘friends’ leaves him crippled in terms of knowing what to do.

Looking at your play go through and find
3 quotes for each theme. Explain how this quote matches the theme.

You may use quotes or stage directions but label them accordingly.
Quote: "You looking for a smack in the mouth?" (Rick, p54)
Explanation - This quotes shows Ricko's lack of respect towards not only Tiffany but women in general. He considers violence a reasonable reaction to a comment that he doesn't like.
Example - Quote: or Stage direction:
Group work
In group's select one of the following scene's. In groups you will:

- Decide what costume's are most appropriate for each character.

- Practice your lines, using dramatic techniques to express the main theme of your scene.

Example - violence will need strong body language, facial expressions and aggressive tone of voice where appropriate.
- Present your scene to the class.
- Each member must be involved. One member may choose to explain the costumes whilst the others act/dramatic reading.
Ricko's confession.
Characters: Jarad
and Ricko.

Characters: Ricko and Jarad.
Page: 44.
Jarad's confession.
Characters: Jarad
and Diane.

Characters: Jarad and Diane.
Page 66.
Rachael tells Jarad
Rick is dead.
Characters: Rachael
and Jarad.

Characters: Jarad and Rachel.
Page: 60.
Toby convincing his parents to have a party.

Characters: Toby, Rachel, Mother, Father.
Page 7.
Scenes to select from
If you have another scene you would like to do discuss it with me first.
Diane tells Jarad about Tracey's death.

Diane and Jarad.
Page 28.
The boys confront Rachel at school.
(Remember, many of the boys were involved in the attack. They are perhaps feeling guilt mixed with their anger.)

Characters: Rachel, Davo, Scott, Cherie, Jarad, Toby.
Page 30.
Scott, Davo and Ricko deal with the aftermath of the attack.
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