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colin lau

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of marketing

Target Customers Methodologies of Study b) comparison with other products c) First hand using experience a) Field Study ( retail shops visit) Matrix Partners preso! Harvard Business Review How to lower the cost of enterprise sales? Rene Birthday FUJI Instant
Camera marketing Objectives S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ a s e m e d All Unique, All U need By Triangic Stage One SWOT Analysis Marketing Anymore???!!!! LET"S GOOGLE IT! What to do? Our Company
FUJIFILM Stage Three Evaluat Options Buys it Deploys it Is successful Recognizes need Change the Expected Outcome! FUJIFILM way Thanks Our Product
Instax Mini Don't forget to call your Mom! Help me! Jive Spend on M&S Revenues Clients 2010 2011 $65M $46M 676 560 $45M $29M Diff $19M 77 $16M Year 1 cost of sales! 85% T H N A K Y O U P R E Z I Stage Four Long-term Development Why What How 1934 1950 Established
in Japan Started expanding
International markets 19XX Life-Long Rivals 2000 Digital Family Family-used
Digital Cameras Professional Cameras Instant Cameras 3D Cameras Fuji Mini Family mini 25 mini 8 mini7s mini50s Few differences
among each other

With Relatively
same features

Mainly differ in
appearance and weight

Price ranges from
480HKD to 1,200HKD Market Development: Attract new customers in new segment Enhance the loyalty of the existing customers to capture more value Increase the market share and keep the leading position in the industry Our Product
Instax 210 Professional Twice wide as Instax mini

With close-up lens
expanding the range
of photo shooting

light-darken control
to adjust the intensity of color

2,100 HKD (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr trengh S 1. Big investment in R&D, strong abilities in
applying high-tech, creative and innovative

2. Possess well-established facilities for production and R&D

3. Social responsible and devote a lot to sustainable development

4. Good reputation and social image

5. Strong Financial Support O pportunity 1. There is an increasing trend in the sales of instant cameras since 2007

2. A vintage trend against the fast-developing high-tech products

3. High entrance level makes FUJI face fewer competitors W eakenss 1. A high cost structure compared to other competitors,
high cost of raw materials

2. Has reached the level of diseconomic of scale

3. Serious Agency Problem hreats T 1. Fast speed of the development of technology

2. Digital substitutes : Smartphones, digital cameras

3. Global Economic Recession: Customers become more cautious when purchasing non-necessities Young People in Hong Kong PEST Analysis P E S T 1. Efficient and effective

2. Few Bureaucracy

3. Comprehensive legal system

4. Promoting press freedom 1. Free economy, Free market,
Free trade

2.Prosperity of service industry 1. High population density
over 7 million people
18-25 accounts for 12.8%

2. High-pace and fashionable lifestyle

3. Korean and Japanese culture are very popular

4. Social networks widely used 1. Technology develops rapidly

2. Electronic products tend to be smaller and multi-functional 18 - 23 Majority are Female Customers Students will have more incentives to purchase Women
based Student
based Price 500~750 HKD ;) Customer
value Apply customer-oriented
marketing strategies Marketing Strategies Product Price Place Promotion Variety and Quality Design Packaging Brand Image Features --- Redesign the business portfolio, abandon THE DOG (instax 210) ll 1.Instax 210 counts less than than 5% of the sales of the whole instant camera family

2. Its profession and high price does not match our target customers' needs ---Maintain the current level of quality Current Packaging --single color
--out of style design
--focus more on quality Customers wanted more colorful, lovely wooden box
with vintage style more fashionable --- Try to design the instax family in smaller size The marketing research indicates that smaller size is the factor that they wanted most (36%) --For Fuji, it should build a more lively, young and creative for instax Services On-line workshop on-line workshops will be open to customers to teach them how to use the different functions ( to delivery more value to customers) Instax Member Club --provide photo processing service to members

--professional consultation

--have priority to
participate in activities organized by FUJI -- Will eliminate some features that are too professional for our target customers

-- A good way to reduce the cost and lower the price Value-based Pricing Method Based on the results of marketing research, the most accept price range is 500-750 HKD the current price of these four instax mini
range from 500-1200... We price all these four
instax mini at the price range 600-700 Rise the price of the cheapest camera(mini7s)
lower the price of the most expensive one(mini50s) Decrease the variance of price of all the cameras>>>>>>To increase the sales of cameras with higher price FUJI Customer Value delivery Superior network and channel Channel 1--FUJI Shops --To help customers improve the brand-awareness of FUJI -- To capture value from customers directly Channel 2-- VMS Customers 1. The sales of electronic products in HK is dominated by several big companies

2. However, during the field trip, we found that there are no sales-counter special for FUJI Instax

3. Cooperating with local companies to build up vertical marketing system is very important and necessary --To strength the customers' education

--Brand building up

--Help customers' realized the needs of instant camera (vs. smartphone) Stage Two Capture value from customers Sales Build up stable customer relationship
and strength customers' loyalty Value Concept Products competitors Promotion Period Discount Sales discount in particular period (like holiday) --graduation(only to students)


--Valentines' Day

--Summer Sales Crossover Promotion cooperate with disneyland resort
>>>> To promote instax with cartoon characters in shops of diseny
>>>> can increase the sales directly as well Annual Membership Program Entry Level: 1200 HKD for one purchase
Benefit: as stated before
Renewing: 500 HKD purchase during the yearr Premium --Buy two cameras free for 10 pieces of film --Buy five cameras free for 30 pieces of film --Buy one camera on BDAY free for
10 pieces of film Advertising the most common way to promote --promotion video
--promotion poster Limitations DATA 1. Not enough information and data to support and assist our study Professional 2. We do not know enough professional knowledge about photography about cameras and photography Error 3. The marketing research was done in a short time. There is some technical errors like sampling error and respondent error by Ho Jung
Cathy and
Colin Special Events --Drama --Dancing .........AND......... LUCKY DRAW !!
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