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The Nile River By Victoria Hotchkiss

For CMS East Social Studies

tori h

on 10 April 2010

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Transcript of The Nile River By Victoria Hotchkiss

The Nile river is the longest river in the world It flows 4,160 miles and irragates 3million acres 70% of the Nile's water comes from the Blue Nile People that live allong the Nile grow cotton,sugarcane,peanuts,and other products to sell The water from the Nile that reaches the Medittereanean is polluted from chemical fertilizers,irrigation draining,and many other dangerous chemicals and ways of farming. THe Nile's main tributaries are the White and Blue Niles. The Nile flooded every year until 1968 when the Aswan Dam was completed The Nile was one of the only water sources for the early Egyptians since barely any rain fell. The word "nile" comes from the Greek word Neilos,which means river valley Early Egyptians called the Nile river "Ar"meaning black They called it Ar (black) because when the Nile would flood,it left behind a black sediment. The Nile flows through 9 countries. The Nile provided water,roots to make papyrus (paper),fertie soil,and animals to hunt. The Nile is famous for it's crocodiles,which grow up to 4 meters in length,though people have claimed to have seen longer. The nile is the primary river of Egypt. Animals along the river include crocodiles,turtles,baboons,wildebeests,and more than 300 species of birds. Egyptians called the Nile's floods the gift of the nile,because the floods brought good soil for farming. The Egyptians also used the Nile for transportatio

The Nile flows south to north beacause it flows downhill from the mountains to the mediterraneansea. It was easy to travel by boat on the nile.The currents carried you south (north),but if you wanted to go north (south) the winds would carry you there ,or you would use a padle.
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