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Risk Factors and Early Intervention

No description

Hollie Citerone

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Risk Factors and Early Intervention

Risk Factors and Early Intervention

By: Hollie Citerone, Megan Dougherty, Kristin Hellman, Chelsea Axe, Nina Andreucci
Biological Risk
Biological risks exists when events occur before, during, or after birth that may be associated with damage to the child's developing systems, increasing the likelihood that he or she will experience developmental problems.
Conception to Birth
This period overlaps with the prenatal period.
22nd Week of Pregnancy - 7th Day of Life
Enviromental Risk
Environmental risk includes all the risk factors related to enviroment in which the child develops.
Risk Factors
A wide range of biological and environmental conditions that are associated with increased probability for cognitive, social, affective, and physical problems.
The presence of risk factors increase the probability of adverse outcomes but does not guarantee them.
Many factors known and unknown can place a child at risk for the developement of a disability.
Maternal Illness/Infection
Substance Abuse
Oxygen Depriation
Prematurity and Low Birthweight
Birth - 28th Day of Life
Child Illness at Birth
Sickness in Early Life
Child Maltreatment
School Factors
Family Structure
Chapter Three
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