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Copy of SITHIND201

Source and Use Information on the Hospitality Industry

Annie Mott

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of SITHIND201

The End

The hospitality industry changes quickly, especially in terms of:
How business is conducted
The types and number of tourists that come to Australia
Customer expectations of both products and services
Legal requirements
Because of this we must continue to source the most up-to-date information.

Update Personal & Organisational Knowledge

Behaving ethically means understanding the difference between right and wrong and choosing to do the right thing
Gifts and services free of charge
Pg. 19

Ethical Issues

Session Four
Legal Issues
Ethical Issues

The aim of Quality Assurance is to control the quality of the products and services provided to the customers
Quality Assurance Programs
Star rating system

Pg. 16

Quality Assurance

The hospitality industry offers many career opportunities and quality staff are always in demand
Key departments in Hospitality:
Front office
Food and beverage

Pg. 14 of workbook

Career Opportunities

Industry Bodies
Industrial Awards
Enterprise agreements
Workplace agreements
National Employment Standards

pg. 12-13 of workbook

Working Conditions

Hospitality Industry Sectors

Other sources of information
Reference books
Industry associations
Colleagues, supervisors and managers
Pg. 4-5 of workbook

Seek Information on the Industry

We need to develop a thorough understanding of the
industry to be able to work effectively in hospitality.
This unit will look at:
Sourcing and using information on the hospitality industry.
Different sectors of the hospitality industry and their interrelationships.
Key legal and ethical issues and requirements in hospitality.
Applying information garnered for career progression.
Quality assurance and continuous improvement
The role of trade unions and employer groups in the industry.
The current and emerging technology used in the hospitality industry


Session One
Sourcing Information

Source and Use Information
on the Hospitality Industry


Issues of concern to the industry that you should be aware of are:
Government initiatives
Emerging markets
Environmental and Social Issues
Sharing knowledge

Pg. 21 workbook

Update Personal & Organisational Knowledge

We live in an age of technology that has not only changed the
way we do things, but has changed the way we think,
consume products and the way we receive information.
Electronic POS
Wireless EFTPOS
Social media
Food production

Pg. 20
VIDEO: (open the link and play in another screen)

Sourcing and Using Information on Technology

Session Five
Sourcing and Using Information on Technology
Updating Personal & Organisational Knowledge

Legal and regulatory compliance is a major concern for all hospitality employers.
Duty of care
Building law and regulations
Liquor controls
Gaming controls
Consumer protection

Pg. 17-18

Legal Issues

Employees are expected to be prompt, enthusiastic, honest, friendly, and prepared to follow the rules.
On top this there is an expectation that hospitality staff must maintain very high standards of cleanliness.

Pg. 15

Hospitality Work Ethic

Session Three
Hospitality Working Conditions
Career Opportunities
Work Ethic
Quality Assurance

Within hospitality there are key departments that have different roles and functions that all work together in order for the business to function effectively.
Food and beverage
Front office
Food production/kitchen
Sales and marketing
Human resources
Financial control/accounts
Pg. 9-11
Complete Activity 4

Key Departments in Hospitality

Relationship between Tourism, Retail and Hospitality
Hospitality support services

Pg. 7-8


Hospitality Industry Sectors

The Hospitality industry is divided into sectors according to the
skill-sets that are required for the work, such as:
Food and beverage
Meetings and events
Entertainment and recreation
Travel and tours/tourism services
Visitor information services
Discuss the table on pg. 6

Session Two
Industry Sector

Mass Media
Pg. 2-3 of workbook
Complete ACTIVITY ONE pg.4

Seek Information on the Industry
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